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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soaking Up The Sunroom

I just realized that I started my last two posts with "I was sitting in the sunroom when..."  and well here I go again...sitting in the sunroom trying to come up with a good  letter S post for Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday when...

Ta da!  My answer was right in front of my nose.

We moved into this house last Spring and I fell in love with the sunroom right from the start and knew without a doubt that I would be spending a big majority of my time out here.  

The walls in here, along with the walls in the foyer, hallway and living room, were all a pale yellow.  Now, not that I have anything against the color yellow.  It was, after all, my favorite color when I was little and I even had a yellow bedroom up until I was 15...

But, it was a whole lotta yellow and it wasn't my yellow...  

I had to make my mark on this place so I had the walls of the sunroom painted a soothing, serene pale turquoise a.k.a Veridian Green.   Charlie hung my old oak mantel I had used for a headboard at the old house on the wall and after months of waiting, I finally got my wicker rattan furniture I had been pining away for.  

Woods surround our backyard so there are always birds and squirrels like that little wily one I wrote about yesterday  to entertain the wieners and their favorite place to nap is out here on the ottoman or on the tile floor soaking up the bright rays of sunshine that are so abundant out here in the mornings. 

It's the perfect place to drink morning coffee, blog, read and just unwind and soak in the beauty and splendor of the changing seasons...

I've been slowly gathering items at antique and bargain stores over the past several months and just about have this room exactly the way I want it.   

I found this oil painting at an antiques mall a couple of weeks ago for 11 dollars.  It just seems so happy to me and I fell immediately in love with it though I didn't have a good idea where in my house I would put it.  I read somewhere recently that if you choose and purchase only things that you really, really love then they will fall into place and it will all work out. And I am finding that there is much truth in that...

I can keep just about any kind of animal or fish alive for extended periods of time but I am not known for my green thumb.  This ponytail palm, however, is an exception.  I guess it has a strong desire to live because my first/late husband, Darin, had it when I met him in 1994 and here it still stands today.  It has probably tripled or quadrupled in size since then and I have re-potted it at least 3 times.  I'm quite proud of it...

We were sitting out here (you see, there I go again with that) over the summer when we decided a water feature of some kind would be nice out here so I searched the stores and surfed the web high and low until I found this sweet little fountain that takes up residence under the mantel..

This bronze statue of two boys playing leapfrog was a gift from my mother-in-law, Pat, several years ago and it is one of my most prized treasures...

This Tiffany style lamp is another favorite treasure and was a birthday gift from my mother last year..

And this vintage photo just makes me smile.  It's my mother in the 1940s.  She said she had been in a Tom Thumb wedding in her small hometown of Lindale, Ga that day...

I found this hummingbird picture several months ago at an antiques store and up until a couple of weeks ago, it hung in my living room but every time I looked at it, I thought it belonged over the windows in the sunroom. 

The star sconce I've had for years, the angels came from the same antiques mall I bought that happy oil portrait from, the little reading monkey fella came from HomeGoods, and the tin jug thing?? I found that little treasure in the basement of my old house...something Darin had found someplace and I've not an inkling as to what it is.  If anyone has any clue, please feel free to enlighten me...

The following pictures were taken on Christmas Day during the snowfall that brought my very first white Christmas ever!  I was over the moon...

And that, my friends, concludes your tour for today.  What about you?  Do you have a favorite spot? 


  1. That's a really lovely sunroom. I don't have one in the house..but the best place I like in the house would be the living room and on the new sofa which we just got in this year.

  2. Wait! Is that a piece of chocolate in that wooden dish? It's the perfect touch for a perfect room!

  3. I have now fallen in love with your sunroom :+) wow. My favorite room in the house is our livingroom. You should stop by my blog sometime and take my house tour :+)

    XO - Rach

  4. It looks like a wonderful place to curl up and read a book.

  5. That's a beautiful room - no wonder it's a favorite spot!

  6. I could happily live out there.

    That copper pot looks like it could be for incense. It reminds me of stuff I see around here.

  7. Oh my gosh! I would be living in there, too. I can't believe the way that room looks in the Fall.

    It's amazing!

    And YOU are lucky!!


  8. It looks like a great spot to read and relax. I wish I had a sunroom on a day like this when the sun has finally appeared and it's warming up.

    PS My parents had a clock very similar to the one on your mantel.

  9. lovely rooms.
    Glad to see the smiles on your face.

    keep tickling.

  10. Your sunroom is such a lovely haven. I truly see why you love it so.

  11. I don't blame you for living in that room. It is beautiful! And what a great view. Man, I need to find me a spot like that. Though I don't see that happening for a few more years.

  12. I totally need a room like this. It would be better if it had soundproof walls and that glass mirror you find in police stations so I can see inside to look at my kids but they don't know where I am.....yup I'm dreaming it up already

  13. I definitely get why you would begin your posts with sitting in your sunroom. I would do. Yours is delightful, so full of positive energy. And those trees right outside it, wow! I really need to find a place to disappear to. Thanks for sharing your sunroom.

  14. What a beautiful room! Sunshine makes such a difference! We moved to a nice sunny apartment after living in a dark one, and we are enjoying any spot with the cheery natural light.

  15. your sunroom is gorgeous
    and so are those dogs =)

  16. My favourite spot would be looking out those beautiful large windows . That is a nice place you have there . I remember playing leap frog as a kid . I like your statues and the monkeys look familiar too :)

  17. I love your sun room:)

    Funny thing, when we moved into our house, my bedroom was yellow and we painted it a similar color of your sun room walls, now. I love yellow, but the yellow in my room was not exactly my style.

  18. I just love your sunroom. I don't know why you would ever leave there.

  19. Actually, Diane, I think my favorite spot might now be YOUR sunroom!

    I can see why you fell in love with that room when you saw the house. It seems so peaceful and serene. Your furniture and decorating just fits the room exactly.

    And your little long-hairs are beyond adorable.

    I've always wanted to have one, but now my husband and I have a standard black and brown (he's huge) and I think we'll be done with dogs after he is gone.

    Thanks for the wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    This was really special.