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Monday, February 21, 2011

Life with boys is messy, and sometimes funny

This morning on the drive to school, Devin and I were in the midst of a discussion about his musical taste ( I believe he needs to expand it because how could you not like Take It To The Limit?) when Dracen shouts out "Mom!"  from the backseat. 

I looked back to see blood pouring out of his nose and him desperately trying to stop it.  I, of course, could find no tissues, towels, napkins or clothing of any sort to give him and we were about to reach the school.  You'd think after being a mom as long as I have that I'd be prepared for anything but you'd apparently be wrong. 

He had, bless his heart, grabbed an empty box of Mike and Ike's that he was pressing against his nose.

Devin was beginning to look a little pale as I began shouting orders at him to find  something, anything!, to give to Dracen when I found one of my pink gloves and thrust it at him as I nearly ran the car off the road in the process. 

I pulled the car over and the bleeding stopped pretty easily.  We've been going through this with him for quite awhile now.  He was given Flonase for his allergies at his last check up that had been keeping the nosebleeds away but I suspect he may have picked at it one too many times in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, we're sitting there in the parking lot across from the school, six minutes before the tardy bell, and Dracen has dried blood all over his face that I can't convince him to wash off with a little saliva since I had no wipes or anything else worth using to speak of in the car.  Mom Fail!  

After I tried using my own saliva, he changed his tune and got his face cleaned up real quick-like.

I think he actually wanted to go into the school like that because he seems to enjoy the whole shock factor thing.  Remember a few weeks back when I caught him trying to wear my big, fuzzy blue house socks to school? 

Well, going into the school with a bloody face would have surely topped that in his little 7 year old boy mind.  I'm sure he could have come up with all sorts of stories to go along with that one. 

His latest and greatest fun comes from piling on pair after pair of underwear and strutting around the house patting his skinny little padded backside and saying things like..."I look BUFF!" 

I find it a little difficult to be the responsible adult by killing his buzz and telling him to put those underwear back in the drawer before he gets them dirty because let's be honest, that is some pretty funny stuff. 

Several weeks ago, when we were snowed in and climbing the walls, I heard Dracen let out a big scream from the kitchen and then commence to, what sounded like, attack his brother in a fit of rage, followed by the sound of Devin cackling away like a hyena.

 "Ugghh...Will you two please let up on the brotherly love? You're driving me INSANE! What did you do to him THIS time, Devin?!"

Turns out he had video on his ipod touch documenting what he had just done and he was so proud of himself that he thought he'd share with me to explain what he had done to make his brother stage an attack on him.

I was actually going to share this video here awhile back but turns out, he had deleted it...

The video started out with a scene of Dracen's freshly toasted Eggo waffles sitting in the plate on the kitchen counter and then Devin's hand coming into view, picking up the waffle and taking a big bite of it....Then in the background you hear Dracen charging toward him, screaming like a wild banshee and then Devin laughing hysterically as the video cuts out.   

As much as I knew laughing was just going to encourage further such behavior, I could not help myself.  "Devin! That is just wrong!"  and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I burst into laughter and then tight lipped it shut as I tried my best to lecture him on why he shouldn't tease his little brother like that.  

My life with boys may be messy, chaotic and often times stressful, but boring?  Never.

The Baby Dracenator, 2004


  1. Oh my gosh - that nosebleed would have scared the bejeebies out of me!

    But I am seriously laughing out of control at the whole "Leggo My Eggo" commercial!

    And the I Look Buff part? We see that frequently around these parts too :)

    Thanks for the morning laughs!

  2. Ask him what happens if you twist a ketchup pack! LOL At least it was not in the car. I hate he had the nose bleed. That wind Saturday has been making me stopped up.

  3. SO many years ahead of this and more! LOL

    My son has a huge nosebleed issue. I need to write about that sometime, but when I was reading your post where you said you had nothing in the car, I could completely relate!

  4. You are so funny! My daughter has nose bleeds on one side. They said that if it keeps up that perhaps it needs to be cortorized. Spelling? It has not been an issue lately so maybe we won't have to do that, but it is something you might want to sk the doctor about. Come and enter my giveaway! I do not do them often, but this is a great pamper me giveaway! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  5. I think our kids would be great friends!

    Also, your post reminded me that I need to stock up on wipes and tissues for my car.

  6. Well if you didn't have a glass or a bottle of wine after that....Then I'd be worried ;)

  7. Yeah, what is it with boys and teasing. It drives me up the walls.
    Never boring. That's the understatement of the century, huh.

  8. I adore that picture of him in the tub, fully clothed!! AND that you took a picture!! AND I'm so very, very glad to know that I am not the only mom who sometimes cannot help but laugh when my kids do things that I know they should not do, but are so funny! And I think I'd pay good money to see your little guy walking around declaring he's 'buff'!