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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What was THAT?!

I was sitting in the sunroom with the Darling Wiener Dogs yesterday morning reading blogs, sipping coffee and minding my own when I heard a noise.  

My fingers froze on the keyboard and my super sonic hearing kicked in.  I cut my eyes from side to side and leaned into the air real close but saw or heard nothing except the tick tock, tick tock of the clock and the snoozing of the sleeping Darlings.  

I allowed myself to sit back and relax finally when I heard it again, only LouDER and this time I swore it was coming from the roof.  My heart was thumping as I jumped up off the couch, ran to the doors to lock them and Boom Thump Scatter, Boom Thump Scatter, it went again. 

Now the Darlings are up barking and on edge, running back and forth from the door to the windows...

What tha? Something is on the roof.  SomeBODY is on the roof!  My mind is running wild...I'm thinking of leprechauns, those crazy little garden gnomes like in the movie or, or even worse! 

What if it's a rabid raccoon or possum or a giant river rat or even, OMG....a person!? Some crazy man is on the top of my house trying to find a way in here me!! 

This sound is way too loud to be a tiny little chipmunk or squirrel.  No way could a squirrel make that much noise! 

I finally got up my nerve to walk out on the deck but saw or heard nothing.  I went back inside thinking I must finally be having that nervous breakdown I've been warning the demolition duo I'm going to have for the past 6 years when I look out the window and see him sitting there like some sort of statue of a Greek god, gazing out into the yard as if he was the mighty king and ruler over all the land.

He even had the nerve to look over at me once while I was taking his picture.  I'd swear the little piss ant was taunting me.  After I took about five hundred and thirty two pics of him, I decided to walk outside and around to where he was, just to see what he'd do.

And of course, the little chicken sh** had vanished into thin air leaving the wieners sniffing the ground and cocking their baffled little heads up to his empty throne...

Crazy Squirrel!


  1. It was a Russian Speznaz, Ninja squirrel left over from the cold war. I think al-qaeda are employing them now. (that's lower case "al-qada")

    They focus primarily on disrupting domestic tranquility in American suburbia.

    I read about this someplace...or maybe I just dreamed it up? I can't remember now.

  2. He made that much noise? WOW!!!!

    I hope he doesn't come back and taunt you again. ;)

  3. lol! we have a walnut tree over our house so when we first moved in all I could hear were squirrels running back and forth!

  4. Looks like a rogue squirrel for sure! Amazing he made that much noise! :)

    WW: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Princess Nagger Style

  5. Excellent!! And I believe Charlie is right. This species of squirrel is taking over. watch out! Did you get new wallpaper around here? I love it! And I see me on your blogroll -- I'm all kinds of happy!!

  6. Wonder what they are thinking.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. LOL I love the picture of the dog concentrating deeply. Hope that squirrel doesn't decide to move in! We had some flying squirrels that took residence over our master bedroom and I swear at 4am it sounded as if they were bowling up there with their dang acorns and stuff.

  8. who would guess that a squirrel would make so much noise?

  9. How funny!!! A little squirrel made all that noise. Love your weiner pups!! We are a weiner loving family as well, I've grown up with them almost my whole life, what personalities those little weinies have!

  10. Well, that little stinker sure is cute! He had to make his presence known, so you could go out and admire his cuteness. :)

  11. I LOVE the tagline at the top of your blog! Amen, sista!

  12. seriously, my dog can sniff a squirrel from inside. it's nutty. HA! Nutty! Get it!