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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Have a Stalker and His Name is Tuesday

Last week I told y'all about the critter that scared the living daylights out of me by making such a ruckus on my roof that I was convinced there was a man with an ax up there trying to hack his way into my house to murder me. 

He finally showed his little fuzzy, whiskered face and I had never, in all my life, been so darn glad to see a squirrel.  That happened last Tuesday and I had not seen hide nor hair of him since until he showed up again this morning. 

I heard the same  Boom Thump Scatter, Boom Thump Scatter as last week,  only this time instead of reaching for the sharpest kitchen knife I could find, I reached immediately for the Canon and I do mean Canon, as in camera, and not cannon, as in weapon of mass destruction, because number 1.   I don't own a cannon or any other such weapon and number 2. clearly y'all have gathered by now that I'm not some sort of sick psycho who goes around blowing up furry little critters with cannons.

I am now convinced that this little rodent, who will from here on out go by the name of Tuesday, seeing as how he only seems to show up on that day of the week, is a stalker.

I am serious.   Tuesday is stalking me and the Darling wieners.  He peers all creepy-like through the windows at us and challenges us to a stare down, which we always win, and then skedaddles his bushy-tailed butt back up the side of the house like Spiderman's mini-me and then shows back up on the other side of the sunroom windows to see if he can get a better view of us. 

I came back from yoga this afternoon and to my surprise, only Li'l Bit Darling greeted me at the door.  I called for Brisco Big Boy and nothing.  I walked into the living room. NothingI called him again. Nothing. 

Worry was just about to set in when I found him in the corner of the sunroom, at the window,  nose to nose with Tuesday and quivering from nose to tail.

Y'all.  I kid you not.  That thing was taunting that little wiener like it knew there was no way on God's beautiful green earth he could possibly get to him through that glass. 

Of course he scampered before I could get a good shot of that but I did manage to get this one...

And then just like last week,  Tuesday was gone with the wind...


  1. This is getting downright scary! ;)

  2. Creepy! Poor doggies. Pure torture:(

  3. I honest to goodness hate little rodent like creatures. They have such cocky "you can't catch me" attitudes!

    Great pictures!

  4. Haha. Tuesday sounds like stinker, and a clever one at that. Ha

  5. I love it! How awesome is it that you got those shots? It's gotta be a bit of fun to watch the game??? :)

  6. Tuesday the Tormentor! Love it! You got a great shot of him scampering away, though! :)

    WW: Paleontologist Heaven at Paleopalooza

  7. Awesome! I used to think we were the only people who had crazy squirrls who stalked my dog! 'Course our's didn't come quite so close as Tuesday does. Hmmm. I so think you need to install one of those doggie doors that goes in a window/sliding door. Imagine Tuesday then!

  8. "had not seen hide nor hair"...see now I totally get where the saying came from!
    I'm sorry you are being terrorized by the world's CUTEST effin stalker!...I guess I'm into rodents...

  9. lol Aw, what a cute stalker!