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Friday, October 22, 2010

No diggity

I'm 39.  I don't lie about my age or get why anyone would want to.  I like to think I'm a young 39
because most of the time I don't feel like I'm ALMOST 40.  That just doesn't even seem possible. 

That in 6 months time, 4 dash 0! 

I just don't feel it. (or at least what I thought this age would feel like) most of the time.

But there are moments, usually those courtesy of my kids, when the realization hits me and I start to
feel like my age is sneaking up on me. 

Like this morning, on the drive to school...

Dev: (flipping radio stations)

Me: "Whoa!  Why would you turn THAT song?  I thought you would like that song!" 

the radio:  I like the way you work it ~ No diggity~ I got to bag it up~

Dev:  "Are you serious?" 

Me: singing (badly)..."I like the way you WORK IT!" 

Dev :" Is this what kind of rap y'all listened to?  This is like from the 50's!"

Me:  (with my mouth agape)  "First of all, I'm not sure this would qualify as rap and this is NOT from

the 50's! They did not have rap music in the 50's either!  You wanna hear some 50's?  Cause I can

play you some 50's music but THIS IS NOTHING LIKE 50's MUSIC!  TRUST ME!  This is like late

90's, maybe even early 2000's"

Dev:  "Whatever!'s awful!"  

Turns out it was from 1996.  I had to google it when I got home.  That is another thing that makes me

feel old(er)....thinking something was just a few years ago, only to find out it was like 15 years ago,

or 20 years ago!

Some other things that make me feel old my age:

{Not understanding the lingo.} 

 What used to be cool or awesome is now ballin or beast or sick.

  me:  "huh?...who got sick at the game?"

dev:  "ugghh....No, mom!  I said that was a sick catch he made!"

me:  "huh?"


{The fact that more and more doctors are looking like 16 year olds to me}

Cause you know and I know that there are not that many real life Doogie Howser's walking around

in the world so that means these doctors who look 16 to me have to be at a minimum, 26., probably

older.  Which could only mean one thing... 

I look older than 26. 

 And that, my friends, is a major bubble burster.


{Catching myself saying things like "when I was your age..." or   "ohhh, my back!"}



{Getting all curmudgeonish when I'm at a stoplight and the person in  the car
behind me has his music so loud my windshield is rattling}

me: Ah, come on!  I've already got a splitting headache, dude!  How RUDE!

He's gonna go deaf before he's 30!


{Saying things like, "that girl needs to put some clothes on!....what must her parents think?"
when I see a 22 year old showing way too much skin for a Wednesday afternoon at the mall.}

On the flip side: 

{I am sometimes that annoying person at the stoplight with the music way too loud}

the difference is my music ROCKS!

okay, maybe not to anyone under the age of 30 but makes me feel young!


{I know what "mom" jeans are and I would never be caught dead in a pair}


{I can still ride a bike, do a shoulder stand, and chase and catch a crazy squirrel obsessed wiener
dog over the creek and through the woods and live to tell about it.}

...though maybe not all at the same time.


{I can still get my groove on and shake my booty with the best of 'em}

~I like the way you work it!  work it! ~

~No Diggity!~



  1. The other day I saw something about the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future and I was like...WHAT?! I remember watching that and I couldn't believe it had been 25 years.

    TGIF, girlie!

  2. hahaha, yep, I can totally relate...I was 38 in August and I'm like 'how did this happen?!' We should go clubbin', I bet we're totally awesome, I mean, bitchin', no, I mean...SICK ;)

  3. I'm only a couple years older than you and I so relate to this! I'm constantly asking my kids what things mean.

    I love your double standard about you playing your music loudly being ok. I do that too! BUT, I will turn it down if a car pulls up next to me or shut my window temporarily -- I think that means I'm old.

  4. I feel way to old to be singing Justin Beeber:)

  5. Ok whatever- I'm 26 and I love that song and it's still great. Everyone still rocks out to that song whenever its played! So there! 1996, really? wow! -

  6. First of all. I LOVE No diggity. And I am annoyed too that he thought it was from the 50s. Goodness gracious great balls of fire. Now THAT is from the 50's.

    Second, I think if we pulled up next to each other at a light it was be the ultimate Jam Out with our Taste. I mean, would it be 80s rock, 90s rap, what other fabulous music!!