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Friday, October 8, 2010

My name is Diane and I was an 80s fashion victim

I was reading an online article this morning entitled 10 things a man should know about a woman's brain.

One of them was that she goes through adolescence twice.

Come again? 

Apparently, being perimenopausal is a lot like being a hormonal, crazed, moody teenage girl again. 

Oh goodie!  I am so much looking forward to that stage again since it was such a barrel of monkeys fun the first time around.  The average age for this awesome phase to start? 43.  Which means I only have about 4 more years of sanity left.

And that sanity is already being tested on a daily basis, compliments of the demolition duo. 

The oldest member of the duo started buttering me up Wednesday morning before school.  "Can we go to the mall this afternoon?"  And after a brief interrogation, cause that boy is not known for his good communication skills, I was able to conclude that he was interested in some new shoes. 

Now, I love me some shoes and I love shopping for shoes and clothes as much as the next girl but taking those two little Y chromosomes shopping for anything is nothing to be getting excited about. 

Luckily, I had back up cause C. was kind enough to ride along with us.  

Did y'all know that neon is all the rage in athletic footwear?  I had a flashback of 1984  when neon green, pink, yellow and orange oversized sweatshirts were all the rage.   My teenage self styled and profiled in that yellow neon sweatshirt, silver shoes and accessories and that "oh so sexy" banana clip.

Every time I turn around these days, I am seeing some "new" fashion trend from the 80s that I just have no desire to revisit.  I will admit that the neon shoes are not that bad but there are MANY 80s fashion catastrophes I will NEVER participate in again.

Here are a few that come to mind:

The Members Only Jacket

I found this at Nordstrom.  NORDSTROM!  Really?  I never really understood the whole "Members Only" concept back when I was wearing it. I just wore it because all my friends were wearing it and it was the cool thing to do. What were we members of?  The Fashion Victim Club?  Just, no thank you.  My members only ship sailed many years ago.

Stretchy Stirrup Pants (well, ANY kind of stirrup pants, really!)
Nobody looked good in those things!  WTH were we thinking? I recall a royal blue pair I had and shamedly admit that I wore them with an oversized horizontal striped sweater and heels.  Heels, people!  I wore stirrup pants with Heels!   Don't ever go there.  Just don't.

The Romper

Oh dear God, I am reminded of one of the most humiliating days of my life and M is totally going to kill me for even bringing this up but I feel I must.  It was 1986.  We were both the new kids of our 10th grade class (the misery that bonded us into a lifetime friendship). 

We had gone shopping over the weekend and made the lame headed joint decision to purchase matching rompers in a lovely shade of peach that we then both wore to school on Monday morning. 

Yes. I am serious.  10th grade, y'all.  We did this in the 10th grade.  Way old enough to know better. Nobody over the age of 3 should be wearing a romper, and especially NOT in pairs.  I thought that day would never, ever end or the relentless teasing that followed for weeks afterward.

I think we were known as "The Bobbsey Twins" for the rest of our sophomore year.  Fun times.

 Oversized hair bows.  That romper story gets worse cause not only did we wear our sexy matching rompers on the same day but we also wore our identical oversized hairbow, also in a lovely shade of peach, to match.   Oh Yeah!

I'm blaming it on the temporary adolescent-induced insanity that I now know I must survive again in a few years.  

I told y'all God has a sense of humor!  


  1. hahaha, this made me laugh, as I too was an 80's fashion victim. Multiple swatch watches, and socks, blue reeboks, neon everything...oh, and the banana clip?! LOVED them :D I have a scrunchie in my hair right now...maybe I should check the attic for stirrup pants and my member's only....but then again, maybe not!

  2. HI-larious! Thank you for tackling this issue. I've been wanting to, but I wasn't old enough to be a fashion victim--although I was plenty entertained by the get-ups my sister wore. (Now THOSE were fun times!) I too am appalled by the jeggings-n-heels craze, the over-blown-frizzy hair, and the bright beads that have made a comeback. Bootcut jeans, where have you gone???

  3. Oh, I had blocked out the huge hair bows. How horrid were those!

  4. The oversized bows...too funny! I was a victim of 80's fashion myself!
    Great post!
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Look forward to reading your blog!
    - Liz @ Thriving and Surviving with twins

  5. Hilarious post. I can't believe stirrups are back! Does that mean leg warmers are in, too? Thank goodness I'm hopelessly out of fashion :).

    Following from Blog Frog

  6. I know! Can you believe leggings are back in! I wore stir-ups back in the day too!

  7. Shoulder pads, jelly shoes, tight rolling or pinning your jeans, scrunchies, and BIG A** BANGS! Ugh.... LOL

  8. LOL I loved this post! I had so many pairs of stirrup pants. I cringe now.

  9. the day I see stirrup pants in the mall I'm probably going to walk out. Those things should have been locked away in a closet somewhere under lock and key.

    Frankly, I've come to realize that I believe the only things 80s fashion is good for are awesome 80s themed parties. Anything that gets worn as a Halloween costume should not be sold in Nordstrom!!

    here from BF

  10. Oh yes, I remember it all so well! My favorite thing ever was the banana clip. That and do you remember rolling up your jeans and wearing a hundred pairs of socks?

  11. Well, I AM 43 and it's not so bad....

    The 80's - ohmygosh! I made all those mistakes and then some. It sure was fun though, lol!!!

  12. OK I do not remember the member's only fad but boy did I have some comfy black stirups. I'd almost forgotten about those :)

  13. I am cringing along with you.

    My kids school had 80's week a couple of weeks ago for homecoming. What's up with that? We had 50-60's dress up days when I was in school.

    I was saved from stir up pants because I was too tall to wear them:) But, I was all about the scrunchies, tight rolled jeans, banana clips, and florescent.