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Sunday, October 17, 2010

8 answers to 8 questions

One of my newest bloggy friends, E. at Whining at the World, has tagged me with 8 questions to answer.  I was supposed to answer them and then make up 8 more questions and tag 8 people to answer those.  

I'm cheating a little bit.  I'm answering the questions but I'm slacking on the other part.  If you'd like to answer the questions yourself though, feel free.  I thought they were pretty creative and fun-to-answer questions.

1. How do you / will you know when you are all grown up?
I have moments all the time when I still do not feel completely grown up.  I still like to lick the bowl and ride the merry-go-round and my closet usually looks like it belongs to a teenage girl with all the clothing items all over the floor most of the time.  But I guess becoming a mother made me finally say, "Hey, I'm really a grown up now...Look at me.  I'm a MOTHER with a real live BABY!  Whoa!"  It changed my whole perspective on life...I feel much less invincible than I did before because I have two other little lives depending on mine.

 2. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up and are you doing it?
Oh Lord, I wanted more than anything to be a Solid Gold Dancer.  I LOVED to dance and every weekend my stepsister and I would put on our "disco" pajamas and get our boogie on with SOLID GOLD.  Needless to say, that dream was not fulfilled but I still love to dance and I get my fix at Zumba each week.

3. You could have an entire day 24 hours to do whatever you wanted (no expense spared). So what would you do?
Oh, this is a tough one because there are sooo many things I could choose here but in all honesty, I think I would spend it with my family and all the people I care about and have everyone get along and just enjoy each other's company. Maybe a picnic in the mountains or a day at the lake. 

4. Someone invents a new cocktail and they want to name it after you. What are the main ingredients?
Hmm...Well, when I do drink it's normally red wine but there are some vodka cocktails I like so there would probably be some vodka in it, maybe something kinda sweet and fruity and then something on the sour side to balance things out. 

5. How many blogs are you currently following or subscribed to? I have no idea!  I am constantly finding new blogs that I am so impressed with.  There's a lot of talent out here in blogland.   

6. Why did you start blogging and is the reason you started still relevant? I have just always found it so much easier to express myself through writing than speaking so I thought, "hey, why don't I start a blog!" and so I did. In the beginning (7 months ago) I had no idea how to find other blogs I was interested in nor did I ever really think that people who didn't actually know me and love me would ever read my blog. It was a whole new world to me and I LOVE it!   

7. What is your favorite item of clothing?
Hmm...tough question.  I like to get dressed up but since my life contains way more casual events and moments than those that require dressing up, I can mostly be found in jeans or capris and t-shirts.  I do LOVE my boots though, especially my red ones!

8. If you had to give up blogging or chocolate what would you choose? Is it a hard choice?
Ohh...this question is just plain WRONG, I tell you!  Blogging or Chocolate?!  Chocolate is an old love...we go waaay back and blogging is still a relatively new found love in my life but I NEED them both!  Blogging is a daily love while chocolate is a "once a week or so" kind of love so I guess if you held me down and forced me to choose, I'd give up chocolate over blogging.  And obviously this was beyond a hard choice! 


  1. You made me laugh...I SO wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer too!!!! I had forgotten all abt that show (and my dance routines in the living room) until I read that!

  2. I've been going to Zumba, too. On Fridays, our Y also has a "movin and grovin" class. They are so fun.

    Yesterday we danced to a remix of "everybody dance now" and I really like that song by the black eyed peas:)

    I would never give up chocolate:)

  3. I will answer these and link back to you tomorrow nite. Thanks for sharing and giving me a bit of laughter this evening (it was needed).