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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are you gonna eat that?

I sat my happy little tired butt down in my folding chair at  Dev's 7:30 baseball game last night, that we had to rush across town to get to when the Dracenator's 6 o'clock soccer game was over.

I was cold and more than a little bit grumpy from being rushed around and then I realized I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was famished.

So I asked my sweet l'il Dracenator if he'd bring me a hamburger, "all the way", from the concession stand. And since he has this mad obsession with all things concession stand, he jumped happily at the opportunity. 

Now if you're not from this part of North Carolina, and I didn't grow up here (born a Georgia girl)  so I was 15 before I discovered it myself and it was years before I really appreciated the art of the North Carolina "all the way'" burger...But anyway, like I was saying...if  "you ain't from around here", you are not familiar with the deliciousness of this big, messy burger covered in slaw and chili.

 Just trust me...I know it sounds disgusting but once you get past the looks of it, it is a party in your mouth!

So here I am, cold and starving, and unwrapping this yummy, tasty, to die for, local delicacy when this little boy munchkin I've never before laid eyes upon gets all up in my business, looks down at my burger, then dead up into my eyes, with all the seriousness he could muster and says (in his outdoor voice!),


Umm...Wh-Wha- What?  This is my FIRST ONE!  I just got here! 

"Oh" he says like he doesn't buy this for one second.  

Did you maybe mistake me for someone else, little guy? 

"Yeah."   (but he's still looking at me all suspicious- like, like he still doesn't believe me)

Who is this kid?

The junk food patrol?

The spokesperson for the beef cattle of America trying to ban beef consumption?  

Or was he representing my conscience who was already whispering,

"you know you shouldn't be eating's bad...very bad for you...not to mention all the fat and calories that aren't going to make you very happy the next time you try to squeeze that butt of yours into those skinny jeans." 


I shut that conscience and that little buzz- killing munchkin right out of my mind and ate every delicious morsel of that scrumptious thing.

And Dev's team won the game to boot.

So take that, conscience munchkin!



  1. Perhaps he was a agent for the Chick-Fil-A Cowz?

  2. LMBO! I wish I could have seen it all play out. Glad you enjoyed your burger!

  3. That's too funny! Glad you continued to eat that burger. It sounds delicious! Yum, I love a good juicy burger!

  4. I am so glad you kept on eating your burger! It does sound a bit different but, yummy all in the same. And I am sure you will still fit in your jeans! :)

  5. So this week ends regular season football, softball, and volleyball. We are charging forward into basketball, today.
    For 2 weeks,now we have lived off Moe's, Chick-fil-A, etc. I think I might have said to that little guy, "You better run or I might turn you into dinner:)"

    Our family sat down to a cooked dinner all together for the first time in weeks because we skipped church. It was divine. Hang in there the end should be in sight.