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Friday, October 29, 2010

Flip-off already, bloodsuckers!

It's a teacher workday today which means the demolition duo is home for 3 days straight and they're already fightin' over the computer and I haven't had a vacation in well over a year now so Lord, help me!

I also have absolutely no good ideas for a post today.  Nuttin'.  So since I haven't joined in on Friday Flip-Offs in forever and ever and it's now being hosted by Momma Kiss and today is her birthday, I think I'll join her and flip a few things off!  


First off I'd like to give a big fat flip-off to the nasty little blood sucking mosquitoes that the Darling wiener dogs let in when they pushed the back door open yesterday afternoon. I'm gonna teach those two little dachsies to close that door behind them some way, somehow, someday!  I don't know what in the h-e double hockey sticks it is that makes my blood sooo scrumptious to those little blood thirsty demons or why in the name of all that is holy they are still out in full force at the end of October!!!!  But FLIPPITY FLIP FLIP FLIP OFF! 

And I'd also like to extend that Flip-Off to the droves of disgusting little nasty flies that have also so rudely invited themselves up in my house here lately.  If y'all happen to catch either of my two posts that mentioned the stench in the air 'round my neighborhood over the past few weeks then you can probably guess where the flies originated but in the spirit of being neighborly I will no longer beat that dead horse....ahem.  and just so you know, I love all animals, including horses, so I would never really ever beat one, alive or dead. 

Next up I'd like to say flip-off to all the grocery/retail stores in my area that evidently made the decision to NOT offer the limited edition pumpkin pie Pop-tarts that I've heard so much about.  All I wanted was a taste...a little taste!  But Noooo!!!   I couldn't get my mouth on one because NOBODY around here sells them! 

And finally, I feel I must give a huge flip-off to that Maura Kelly chick over at Marie Claire for writing that article where she lashed out at overweight people by calling them fatties and all that other crap she said that I'm not going to repeat again here.   Yes, she did follow up with an apology so I'll give her that but COME ON!  That article was pretty harsh and hurt a lot of amazingly awesome and accomplished women who struggle with their weight.  Bad, bad, bad!!!  I REALLY hope you learned your lesson, Ms. Kelly, cause that was straight up wrong!

And that concludes this edition of Flip-Off Friday. 

Hope y'all have a wicked Halloween.  Now hop on over and wish Momma Kiss a Happy Birthday!



  1. The mosquito's are nasty right now, aren't they? My daughter got all bitten up by something a few weeks ago -- so badly we took her to the doctor! I just polished off a box of brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts. Yummy. And they shall never grace this house again!

  2. So with you on the mosquitoes. I feel toward the McRib what you feel toward the Pumpkin Pop-Tarts! I see all these people eating it and I just want a taste!!!

  3. I would like to flip off my headache that I seem to get once a month or so.

    And, chick at Marie Claire calling people "fatties". That is not OK! YUK and shame on you!

  4. Mosquitos love me. I get sucked to death while my hubs, standing right next to me, is ignored by them.

  5. We've got the teacher inservice thing happening this week too. Boooooooooo!!!!

    And I'm glad the weather is finally cooling down and we'll get rid of all those nasty blood suckers.