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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Freedom is...

So I looked up the definition of freedom on and there were like 17 different meanings!

Freedom is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful words in the English language though, honestly, being born a free American, I've been guilty of taking it for granted most of my life. 

In response to Mama Kat's writing prompt this week, I will attempt to define what it means to me...

Freedom is:

~Leaving the house and not worrying whether I locked all the doors or not because I live in a "Mayberry" town where the crime rate is pretty much non-existent

~Having the right to vote

~The feeling of throwing your graduation cap into the air. {it's been way more than a few years since I did that but the memory remains clear ;) }

~Being 23, newly graduated from college, and driving your brand new red Mustang off the lot

~Freely worshipping Jesus Christ

~Watching your youngest child decide that he is going to start using the potty like his big brother, without ever looking back, and finally being done with diapers

~Singing along with the radio while driving with the windows down and the sunroof open and not caring what you sound like because no one is there to hear

~Weathering Grief in a big way and coming out of it feeling like a better person

~Marrying for love...twice.


~Being 39 and actually looking forward to 40

~Being a wife to an amazing man and stay home mom to two little boys, who really aren't so little anymore

~Blogging in silence about freedom while my two little wiener dacshies sleep soundly beside me

~And finally, FREEDOM, can be summed up for me in this one photo I took of the Dracenator in 2007 when he was 4 years old...

Now does that say freedom or what? :)

Now hop on over and visit Mama Kat for more writer's workshop posts...or is, after all, a free country.  And Thank God for it!

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I love this. I couldn't agree with you more on your thoughts here.
    Girl, you are gorgeous! Loved those pics.

  2. Love all your examples of freedom!

  3. This post made me smile so much. Booya to freedom!

    PS. You are stunning!!

  4. I love the pic of "freedom" it doesn't get much better than running free on a beach!!

  5. Stopping by from Mama Kat's! I love your definition of freedom and your little boy says it all!

  6. Great post! In fact it almost made me cry. :-) It was a good reminder to be happy with all the wonderful freedoms I have in my life. Thanks!

  7. Linked here from the Old Geezer's blog.

    I liked your post on freedom. You told us what freedom is by SHOWING us what freedom. Neat job!

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