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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heavenly Coins

I don't usually post twice in one day but I just couldn't wait to write about what I found today or about what found me, depending on how you see it. 

I'm sure we've all heard that old, old song (or at least heard of it),
Pennies from Heaven. I mentioned, in one of my very first blog posts, Everyday Magic, that I wrote back in March about how I began opening my awareness to things I considered signs back when I was battling grief brought on by the loss of my first husband.  

Every coin I found I had to pick up and check the date on to see if the year on it was of some significance to me.  I still do that to this day.  I absolutely cannot pick up a coin without checking the date.  

I also mentioned in that post  about how the day after my beloved dog of 14 years, Dixie, who I wrote about today (on the one year anniversary of her death), I found a coin in the laundry room that was dated 1995, the year she came into my life.

Sure, you could say it was just a coincidence but sometimes you just feel that you are in the midst of something spiritual and magical.  Because it sweeps you up and brings your soul to the surface of your skin giving you an overwhelming sense of certainty and "knowing" that there is a God and that He is always with you and at work in your life.  

Losing Dixie was hard and extremely painful for me as she was my constant companion for so very long.  I'm sure anyone who has lost a beloved pet can relate to this.  I cried myself to sleep many nights and still have dreams about her from time to time. 

So, it was not surprising that the one year anniversary of her death brought a lot of emotion to the surface for me.

When I woke up this morning, I felt something stuck to my arm but I'm always extremely groggy and out of sorts in the mornings so I brushed it off, couldn't make my eyes focus enough to see where it went or what it was, rolled outta bed and forgot all about it.   

While I was cleaning house today, I found two pennies in two separate rooms and places.  The date on both of them was 1995.
When I finally got my butt around to making up the bed this afternoon, guess what I found right in the middle of the bed? 

A dime (the unknown thing that was stuck to my arm this morning).  And guess what the date on that dime was? 



My heart is still smiling.  :)


  1. What a special day! Thank you for letting us share it with you!

  2. That would definitely make me smile!

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  4. Aww that is so cute! I have dachshund too..she is one year old.

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  5. This is very sweet. Love this post.

  6. How sweet to get these little bread crumbs of encouragement and hope!! I'm so glad that you found something to make you smile today while you were missing Dixie.

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  10. oh, nothing better than something that leaves your heart smiling! the dime...awesome...