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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinosaur trumps Scouts

The Boy Scouts are after me again.

But, as God as my witness, time!

"But....MOM!  We get to sell popcorn!" And then there was something about the world's smallest car??  I didn't remember that one from the first time.  Oh, and of course FIRE!  "We get to make FIRE!" 

Yes, that's exactly what I need my 7 year old doing. Playing with fire.  What is WITH these people?!

I swear I think they hire a successful salesperson with a proven ability to sell ice to eskimos to go out and recruit these first and second graders into Scouthood. 

I bought into it when Devin was in the first grade and came home one day all psyched up and gung ho about joining Scouts because let me just tell you, that boy doesn't even get excited on Christmas morning. 

We went to the meeting, signed him up, paid our dues, went out and bought the uniform shirt, the hat, that little orange ascot scarf thingy they wear (which, in my opinion, is a horrible fashion choice) and even bought the t-shirt to boot. 

Then I spent the next several Monday nights sitting around a table doing crafts and chasing the toddler Dracenator all over the building while I then listened to Devin complain all the way home about how much he hates Scouts before finally giving in and allowing him to quit.  But not without first giving him my "we're not quitters" speech while secretly feeling like a 10 ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders. 

Nope.  Not me.  Not gonna go down that little road again. 

Especially when we're already juggling football, soccer and Fall baseball.  So how did we get his little mind off this Scout thing?  We told him we are planning a train trip to D.C. soon to see the Smithsonian and showed him pics of the dinosaur bones that he can see there. 

Nothing can get a 7 year old boy's attention like the mention of dinosaur bones and trains.  Thank God we had been stewing that little idea over for the past few days. Now the cat's outta the bag and there's no turning back.

Smithsonian, here we come!


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