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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's complicated

It's a teacher work day here today and it's raining which is awesome since it hasn't rained here in forever and ever but it also means that the demolition duo and I are stuck in the house  So far, so good.  I give it about another hour.

We got a Sam's Club membership Saturday and the Dracenator has now proclaimed Sam's to be his absolute favorite store in the whole wide world.  "They have the biggest chair I've ever seen and the biggest Coke slushie in the world!"

The chair was one of those folding arm chairs that we like to take to little league and soccer games, only this one looked like it was made for an 800 pound gorilla.  I do not lie.  And to make it appear even larger, it was sitting up high so that we had to peer up into the heavens to get a good look at it.  WTH?  WHO would need this thing and WHERE?  Just...WTH?!

Apparently the marketing team over at Sam's Club know what they're doing because both boys were going on and on about this chair as we made our way back across the parking lot with our oversized loot.  Devin, as he slurped down his oversized Big Gulp slushie that he was so kind to not only purchase for himself but for his brother as well, went so far as to say that he wants one of those chairs for Christmas.

This boy who would spend 24-7 playing games on the computer if we allowed him to and who is impossible to impress, is excited about a chair?!  We explained to him that he would need some sort of cart with a motor to haul this thing out to the ball field.

He still wants the chair.

And the cart too.

Apparently he's all cool with complicating things though the Dracenator, on the other hand, informed us one afternoon last week that he is not.

He was doing his math homework last week when I found a math paper crinkled up in the bottom of his book bag that was completed on one side and the teacher had written on it to complete the other side.  We told him he needed to do that once he finished his math sheet he was working on.

He was already aggravated that he was being forced into this cruel child labor called math homework so he looks up from his paper and says to Charlie with all the 7 year old infinite wisdom he could muster,

"Now you are just trying to complicate my life!" 

Ba Ha Ha Haaa!!! 

Happy Monday!


  1. Gotta love teacher work days. :)
    Sam's club is pretty awesome. Have fun today girl!

  2. Sam's club is good at ringing you in with the displays. my kids go nuts over them at Christmas time!

  3. Haha. That is funny. Those displays are either HUGE or tiny. Why don't they have regular sized stuff. Seriously! If I want super size, I will let you know. !!

  4. I love the things kids say! Well, now with the holidays coming up you better not take the kids with you shopping! Ha! You know there will be a lot more displays there. I hope you are doing well! Your blog looks great!

    Mama Hen

  5. Our Sam's has that chair, too.

    It cost $99? Why would you pay that for a camp chair?