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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Finds of the Week

" Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"
 ~William Morris

I've been thinking of bringing back Fancy Fridays but I just haven't had the time or energy to surf the web for cute fanciful things.  Okay, I probably could have found the time and the energy but I just chose to expend it on other things, like watching Hoarders and Hoarding:Buried Alive. I know.  I know. I've mentioned these crazy shows like umpteen gazillion times in my blog lately but seriously, that's some CRAZY SHEET!

And  I discovered a new behavioral disorder show last week on TLC, Freaky Eaters.  There was a woman on there who absolutely could not bring herself to eat anything other than french fries.  A grown woman.  With a daughter.  WTH?  The therapists tried to get her to take itty bitty baby steps by starting out with fries that had been colored with food coloring and she was sniffling and squirming like they were trying to get her to eat a tarantula sandwich. 

I'm telling you, there is nothing better for validating your own sanity than watching some of these shows. 

Seriously though, I have been busy at lots of other important mom stuff and house stuff.  I lived in a 1000 square foot house for 13 years so I've been kinda like a little kid playing house since we moved  in April.  My MIL put it like this, "You feel like you've been set free, don't you"?  Yes. Yes, that is exactly how I feel!    

I've developed an almost obsessive fondness for all things vintage or antique and Charlie and I have been spending our Wednesday date days visiting nearby towns to scope out different antique shops.  

So... I have decided to begin sharing with y'all each Friday my best find(s) of the week.  

I am absolutely in love with this old vintage wicker chair that I was told most likely dates back to the 30s.  I was shocked at how sturdy it still is.  I love the weathered look of it.  It is sitting on the front porch and all it needs now is a cute little cushion.  Oh, and the very best part about this sweet little treasure?  The price tag.  25 bucks! Gotta love that.

I think I mentioned the old rotary phone I found a few weeks ago but I swear, I am still giddy over that phone.  Who would have ever thought, back in the day, that I would one day see what was an everyday phone then, as such a precious treasure now?  It takes me back to my childhood every time I dial it or hear it ring...Ahh...Sweet Nostalgia....

And this picture I'm about to show you is not old but it makes me so happy.  I can't look at it without smiling.  In addition to our antique shop hopping, we popped into a Marshall's Home Goods store. That was my first time in one and if you haven't been, ya need to go! 

I saw this picture and was smitten beyond words.  To know me, is to know my love for Dachshunds, (especially longhaired ones) and my love for shoes and the color RED.   The little silhouette of the longhaired dacshie in this picture is the spitting image of my precious Dixie Dog, who was my baby for 14 years.  I lost her to congestive heart failure a year ago next week so finding this, to me, was like a gift from her.  It hangs in my red bathroom...



  1. Can not imagine eating only french fries...was she thin? :) I found your blog on MBC I'm your newest follower!

  2. Love the wicker chair, what a steal!!!

  3. LOL at those shows validating our own sanity - I hear ya!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!

  4. I love love love that picture! I find myself watching those shows too. Crazy stuff! They sort of give me anxiety! LOL

  5. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.
    Wow, I love that phone! It is the exact phone I had as a child too.

  6. I also love finding great vintage stuff. Thanks for the visit, comment and follow. I am following back. Have a nice day.


  7. Hey Diane, that is so true about watching some of the shows out there and feeling a little bit better about yourself. The chair is great! I love the quote at the beginning of your post. I have been wanting to declutter for quite a while and that quote says so much! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  8. Ohmygoodness, thank you so much for stopping by Ad Bits! I am a new follower because I just love your blog! It's fantastic!

  9. Thanks for visiting I appreciate your comments.

    Also, LOVE THAT WICKER CHAIR! One of my most traumatic memories as a child was when someone stole my mother's antique wicker furniture (including an oval glass topped full sized table) from our front porch. I own the lone chair that evidently could not fit in the thief's truck!

    That was a GREAT find. Lucky duck.