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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My good friend Fall


1 Cooler temps = Less sweating and Less bad hair days

2 Mosquitoes are on their way out.  My blood is mosquitolicious!  

3  Halloween.  I may or may not wear a costume this year but the boys and the Darling wieners will be sporting theirs.  Plus, this little town does Halloween up right.  They break out the fire truck and block off Main Street.  It's big doings.  

4 Pumpkin patches..  There's just something I find irresistible about a big ole display of orange pumpkins.

5 TV is back!

North Carolina is at its finest in the Fall.

7  Cute jackets, boots and hats.

8 Kids are back in school so I'm not playing referee

My oh-so-comfy sweat pants and yoga pants are back!  No, I don't wear them out and about but I practically live in them at home when the weather is cool. 

10 Scarecrows. Because while I found the tin man the perfect gentleman and that lion endearing, I've always been a Team Scarecrow girl at heart. 

Happy Fall! (I want to add "Y'all" here real bad but I'm refraining

This post was written in response to Mama Kat's writer's worshop prompt number 5. Ten reasons why you're glad it's fall.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. I always like a change...cold to warm, hot to cool. Fall brings on change and that's a good thang! Love the pics D!

  2. Such a cute post! I love Fall too. The hats and scarves and coats, oh my! It's enough to make this girl swoon.
    Thanks for stopping by the other day. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  3. I hate Fall but your words and pictures kind of made me like it...a little!

  4. Enjoyed your post! It seems we are all on the same train of thought this season.....and here I thought I was unique in some way! LOL
    Have a great day!

  5. I did this one too and our lists are almost identical!! : )

  6. North Carolina is beautiful! I love that picture. Yoga pants are awesome...only I DO wear them out of the house. Is that a bad thing? Maybe I should rethink that one.

  7. I'm excited about it's the transition from Fall to Winter that I LOATHE!

  8. Hey,
    I'm back.

    I'll have to catch up, later.

    Off to Homecoming football game with kids:)


  9. SO with you on #2. I swear, when I'm around people joke that they don't need mosquito spray since they have me. It's FINALLY cooled off in Atlanta this last week and I love the fall weather.