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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wiener Wednesday...Lazy Bones

March has to be the most confused of the twelve months. I'm now convinced that she has no idea who she is. We had temps. in the  70's last Saturday and Sunday, rain and highs in the 40's on Monday, sunny and 60's yesterday, low 50's today, and tomorrow we're looking at highs back down in the 40's. And I am really, really hoping the forecast I saw for Sunday is wrong with a capital W  because rain and highs in the upper 30's is all kinds of messed up for the first week of spring! March, I am so over you. I want to break up.

The Darlings were already frolicking in the cherry blossoms this time last year but this year many of our flowering trees haven't even produced their first bloom yet. So they've been spending most of their time loafing around the house...
Napping in the kitchen
Chillin' in their chair in the sunroom

Napping in the living room
Looking for a belly rub

Li'l Bit didn't want to get out of bed Monday morning. I couldn't blame her. Cold, dark, rainy mornings are the worst.

Watching me clean house

Brisco did manage to perk up and attempt to dig his way to China in the backyard not once, but FOUR different times after he'd just been spiffied up by the mobile pet groomer. He's had four baths in a week and a half. And Li'l bit perked up at Dracen's baseball practice on Saturday...

She likes to get up high so she can get a bird's eye view of any shenanigans that may possibly take place in the parking lot around us.

Hurry up, Spring! We miss you.  

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  1. Seriously! I was at the beach with sunny skies and 78 temp! I have sunburn on my knees:) Now, we have a freeze warning.

  2. Wasnt Sat nice. The yard was a bit soggy but I worked outside all day. Niw all the rain. I can barely slog thru the yard now.

  3. Our weather has been NUTS here, too! I say...I've had ENOUGH! We did have gorgeous weather over the weekend, but this weekend...rain and high in the upper 40's-low 50's. UGH! Your dogs are exactly like ours have been...snoozing the days away. Can't really blame them!

  4. The belly rub photo just made my heart melt. They know how to sucker you in. I only wish that I could make that face and have someone rub my back for me.
    Our weather is really weird too. Last year at this time, we were wearing short sleeves and flip flops. I'm still living in my winter coat...shudder.