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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's been a doozy of a week but since it is Friday, I will save the details for another day. Today is about happy things so here are a few things that made me smile this week...

A Visitor
My little redbird (I like to tell myself it's the same one)
paid me a visit Saturday afternoon while I was cleaning house. 
He stayed for the longest time, outside my bedroom window, pecking away 
at something in the pine needles until a loud
noise from my neighbor's lawn equipment scared him away.
Thankfully though, I managed to get several shots of him through
the window before he flew away.

Dreamy Decor
This room speaks my love language in a big way
though I could never pull off this much white
in a room with two dark-colored, shedding Dachsies.
Notice the little white dog in the bottom left-hand corner?

Baseball Cake
I saw this on Pinterest last night and thought
I may try to make it for Dracen's birthday
this summer. Devin likes baseball too but not cake.
How is he my child?

Dachshund Scarf
Too much?

Posy-Stitched Skimmers
Anthropologie has done it again...
Made me fall in love at first sight.

Bad Milk?
This just struck my funny bone.
You've really got to watch that shady milk.
It will turn on you in an instant.

Wise Words
When will I ever learn to listen to
my own intuition? It never steers me wrong.

Giraffe Manor
This is actually a hotel in South Africa
and for a giraffe lover like me? Pure magic.
When do we leave?

The Intouchables
I got this from Netflix last week and 
though it had great reviews, I was a little
hesitant because it's in French and since I remember
about five words from high school French (I switched
and took Spanish in college), I knew I'd be completely
dependent on the subtitles which I usually find distracting.
But this movie was so good, it didn't bother me a bit.
Hands down, BEST movie I've seen in a really long time!

Happy Friday,

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  1. Love the baseball cake... our cardinals never really left this year, I think they are confused. Either way they look beautiful on our newly fallen snow. And, I love the giraffes, but am not sure I'd want to share my breakfast with them. :)

  2. That giraffe stuff gives me the total creeps! I would have a heart attack!

    Shoes and scarf too cute. I'm not a Datsun lover, but you really do need that scarf!

    Every time I see red birds now I think if you. Here, I've seem a few blue birds, too. I've started to notice how little pops of color right nowadays me feel as if I'm watching a black and white movie and a little color is thrown in here and there:). Lovely!

  3. I kick myself for not purchasing a scarf like that only with horses on it. Sure it's kind of weird but it had character.
    I want a pet giraff.

  4. I loooove Cardinals and you got a great picture of a male. I live in Colorado now and so it is super rare to ever see one. I miss them. Thanks for letting me live a bit vicariously thru your post! I love the bedroom pic and the shoes...beautiful. Awww...a giraffe hotel. How fun! Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. A Friday Favorites in which I haven't repinned any of the selections. I"m not sure whether to be upset or relieved!

    It makes me smile for you when you mention seeing a cardinal.

  6. I'm gonna take your advice and watch that movie. Subtitles only bother me in the beginning but then I stop noticing them. You need to break down and buy those shooooooooooooooooes!

  7. Beautiful birdy! That cake is cool and looks so easy I think I could even do it!