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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

That time of year is upon us once again, y'all. Yep, the dreaded "springing forward". It never fails to sneak up on me either since I didn't realize it was tomorrow until just this week. Blech. I always enjoy the longer days once I get over losing that hour but it usually takes me a few (or sometimes several) days to adjust. At any rate, it's here so don't forget to set all your clocks ahead tomorrow night. 

We are, however, having a four day weekend here since school is out for teacher workdays today and Monday so that should help ease the blow. Devin is going on an eighth grade ski trip to the mountains this afternoon, after having it postponed two different times due to inclement weather. He's never skied before so I'm hoping he comes back with all his bones still intact tonight.

Blogger just told me that it's skied, not skiied. I so thought it was skiied and didn't believe Blogger so I consulted Google. Turns outs, I was wrong. And here I fancied myself an excellent speller.  Why did I think it was skiied? I have no idea. The English language is so fickle which brings me to my first favorite this week...

I before E except after C
Oh wait...Psych!
I would so order this and wear it if
I didn't have issues with wearing shirts with
writing on them. 

Turquoise Sea
According to the caption this is 
Sardinia, Italy. 
I want to go. Who's in?

Stephen Hawkings Quote
I know this to be true
because my mind?

I can relate
This just cracked me up because
it's exactly the way I feel.
I never know how it's going to go
when I wake up each morning.
Always a toss up.
And lately I seem to be having more spills
and trips than class and elegance.

This is an outfit I put together on Polyvore.
I've been on the lookout for a new denim jacket
similar to this one but keep coming up short.
This one is from the UK and costs four hundred
and five American dollars.
I think I'll keep looking!

Simple Truth
I love quotes like this, when
the words are so simple,
yet so full of truth and wisdom.

I have forever dreamed of owning a vanity
just like this one...

This old photo of the boys makes me
smile and fight back tears at the same time.
Devin used to get mad at me when I had to
get onto Dracen for something. Here he was
consoling him while giving me his best stink eye. 
These days he just laughs and rubs in it.

He's a daddy and he knows it.

Happy Friday,

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  1. I'll go! Pick me! Pick me!! We are in the midst of day 2 of nasty snow/sleet/rain with un-plowed roads and little visibility. Which is fine today, since I am home sick with the kids anyway... but normally I'd be out in it. So Italy sounds fabulous!

    For the record...I thought it was spelled with 2 i's as well.

  2. That looks lovely so I volunteer to go. I'd even learn Italian if that helps.

  3. I'll go... in my head, you are on my list of people to invite for my secret blog beach weekend in which I get veto power on the guest list because no one I know IRL can come except one person... if I ever get the plans out of my head and into the planning stage! :-)

    That is a very sweet picture... made me cry... with my kids being so close in age, the older one couldn't console the younger one quite like that.

  4. I love that Stephen Hawkin quote...only I really wish it would shut up right now so I can sleep...grrr.