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Thursday, March 7, 2013

10 Random (and mostly useless) Things I Can Do

1. Really convincing impersonations of barking dogs and meowing cats. Seriously. I have wigged the Darlings and Lucky out on many occasions because they thought a strange dog or, heaven forbid, a cat was in the house. 

2. I can also mimic birds. Whippoorwills and Redbirds (Cardinals) are my specialties. Oh, and chickens too...Buwak-bwak-bwak-bwak-bwak-bwak-buwwaak!

3. Find four-leaf clovers. I don't know why this is since I can never seem to find the Scotch tape, scissors, phone or t.v. remote but I've always been able to find at least one four-leaf clover, sometimes several, within seconds of walking into a clover patch.   

4. Spoil dogs. Charlie says I could turn a wolf into a house dog .

5. Roll one eyeball sideways while keeping the other one straight. I learned how to do this by accident. My friend and I were practicing crossing our eyes (this was waaay before Internet) and she got a little weirded out and informed me that only one of mine was going cross. 

6. Drop it like it's hot. The dance floor is the one place in life I have never been shy.
20 Year High School Reunion, 2009

7. Sing Blondie's Rapture word for word. When I was a kid I remember stopping, rewinding, and fast-forwarding this song for hours one night until I got all the lyrics written down and then I memorized them. (Again, no such thing as Google back then). I still remember them to this day. It came on in the car once and the boys looked at me like they were convinced I had completely derailed.

8. Stop a bad dream in its tracks. I can't remember when exactly I learned how to do this but I was in the middle of a nightmare once (my reoccurring one always involved someone or something chasing me) when my consciousness entered and said, "Hey, hold up! Why are you running, girlfriend? It's JUST A DREAM. Tell that creeper to creep on outta here and get some rest already!" Somehow it worked and has ever since.

9. Find things out. I'm quite the little Nancy Drew when I want to be. I've often fantasized about a secret side life as a spy. My boys always get caught...eventually. Muah-Ha-Haa.

10. Read/recite tongue twisters with ease. Your sister Susie sells seashells down by the seashore and the seashells she sells are seashells, you're sure? Not a problem. 

Now tell me what you can do.

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  1. I tend to find 4 leaf clovers at will as well.

    I can make any noise the wife's van is making go away just by sitting in it.( Makes her furious)

    I spot flat tires. When I am driving or walking by cars. For some reason my eyes are drawn to tires.

  2. My children think I have a magic crystal ball too. Somehow we just "know". I'll be the last one to admit it is because I did all the same stupid crap too!

  3. Wow girl, you have got some talent! My hubby tells me he can stop his bad dreams, but I never seem to be able to :( I am good at finding things (or just knowing where they are) and people always know to ask me if they are looking for something.

  4. Wow, I can't do anything so good as all that. And funny the things we came up with kids when there was no internet! I guess our parents thought the same about TV.
    Also, I read somewhere about reoccurring bad dreams is that is what you are supposed to do - stop it in the dreamworld like that. I have never been successful.

  5. I have the ability to talk about anything for hours. Honestly, most days it's really not a gift. Just ask my husband. :)

  6. Finding four leaf clovers that's a talent I wish I had! I always look for them, but do you think I ever find one?

  7. And you call yourself an introvert!

    I am fairly adept at finding four leaf clovers as well. Once during a little league game, a fly ball landed right next to me and as I came in from the outfield the coach was all, "What were you doing!?" and I held up a clover and said, 'Look! I found a four leaf clover!" I was so proud! I'm lucky I didn't get beaned in the head out there for all the attention I was paying to the game.

    Softball was not my thing!

  8. Those are some serious leg muscles girl! Work it!

  9. I don't think I've ever found a 4 leaf clover. It used to make me so mad when you found them so much!

    You are a dancing fool and always have been.

    I seem to remember you could run your tummy and pay your head? Is that right?

  10. And you taught me the words to rapture! I remember most of them:)