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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fancy Friday...Live and Learn

Today is picture day at the elementary school and Dracen's hair was way past Popaw approved so we headed to Great Clips after school yesterday and then on to Shoe Carnival where he pitched a conniption fit right in the middle of the boys' athletic shoe aisle because I would not buy him a pair of Nikes that were an entire size too big for his feet and made him look like he was all ready for Ringling Brothers tryouts.  

And of course they did not have them in his correct size so after threatening to throw him over my shoulder and carry him out of there kicking and screaming, he finally decided to settle for a pair of  New Balance, along with a neon pair of shoelaces to go with. 

Devin did not see anything at all that suited him so he decided to hold off which was quite the disappointment to me since I'd really love to leave those red Addidas he's been wearing for the past three months behind us.  It has been the thing with his age group, for the past year or so, to wear black dress socks (or at least that's what we used to call them) with their tennis shoes.  

I told Charlie the other day that they are going to look back on this one day and say, "What on earth were we thinking?!"  But hey, we're only young once and I believe it's best to let them live and learn from their own fashion faux pas.  

The good Lord knows I made enough of mine.  One outfit I loved to wear in the eighties and that stands out strong in my mind still today consisted of a pair of royal blue stirrup pants, a bright multicolored horizontal striped sweater and a pair of pumps.  I think they may have been blue too.  And of course I had the humongous hairdo to go along with it. 

Live and learn.  Live and learn.  

After the haircuts and the shoe fiasco yesterday we managed to make our way into Target but I learned a long time ago that it is futile to attempt any type of "girl" shopping whatsoever when the boys are with me so I kept my head straight and did not even allow my eyes to wander over to the clothing department.  

But I just know there was some cute stuff over there.  Like this Merona Sweater Poncho...

I have a pretty serious thing for ponchos and have been waiting patiently for the temps to dip low enough to break mine out.  

Cape Sweater
They are calling this a cape at Piperlime though this is not exactly what I think of when I hear the word 'cape'.  I tend to think more along the lines of superheroes and magic potions but whatever you want to call this thing, I'm for it.  

Highkoo 2 Boot by Ugg
I have never been a huge fan of the traditional Ugg look but I'm all about this suede slouch pair I found at Athleta.  They come in brown too.

Leaf Drop Hoop Earring by Hive and Honey
Because who couldn't use a little leaf with their hoop?

Thermal Crochet Cuff Tunic by Free People
The lacy crochet detail on the sleeves of this thing are speaking my love language...

Leafy Crossing Tee
I personally love this shade of orange but if you're not a fan of the orange it also comes in ivory.  This looks like something I'd want to wear all the time.  You know, one of those things you find yourself tempted to dig out of the laundry basket to see if it's really that dirty or if you can get one more wear out of.  What?  You don't do that?  Me neither. 

Jagged Colors Scarf
Love this.

Wrap Ring
I've never been one to wear rings a lot but I'm digging this one.  Though for some reason that old Dolly Parton song just popped into my head...Here you come again...Just when I'm about to make it work without you...You waltz right in the door...Just like you done before...And wrap my heart around your little finger!  

La Jolla Sling by Lucky Brand
Not sure you can see it in this picture but if you enlarge it on Piperlime you can see there is a subtle feather etched across the front of the leather....leather feather.  I like it.  

Vintage Reissue Flap Crossbody
I haven't seen a single one of these reissues by Fossil that I have not fallen immediately for which is saying a lot since I'm about as picky over handbags (or as many of us call them here in the south, "pocketbooks") as Devin is over a pair of tennis shoes.
Carmine Long Pendant Necklace
Just because...

Sweater Trim Coat
This would be just about right for most of the winter here. And it's actually navy though I know it looks black.  

Brass in Bloom Belt
I think this may just possibly be the perfect jeans belt.

Franco Sarto Kenza Flat
Because every woman needs at least one pair of red shoes in her closet.  

Just don't wear black dress socks with them. 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. that sweater trim coat is DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Any photos hanging around of that big hair outfit?

  3. those are cute uggs!

    Did you ever do the neon slouch socks in the 80s? Two different colors/pairs on each foot. OMG. What was I thinking.

  4. Loving your style!
    New follower from Fashion Friday :)

  5. You have divine taste, just divine. I love those boots!

  6. I'm so into the capes and shawls. I also got a brown hoodie. It has bright colors embroidered on it.

    So glad fall is here:)

  7. Unfortunately, they look back at pictures and don't think what was I thinking. They say, "Mom, how could you have let me." Even grown they blame us like we could control them. 8)

  8. I love the cape sweater and the red shoes (but I already have two pair) and the belt... I need some new belts!

    And the 80's... oh some of the things I wore....

  9. I love those red shoes! I also used to have a pair of stirrup pants that were extra cool. Though not quite as hip as my parachute pants. :)

  10. I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about.. hampton bay ceiling fan