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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pajama Drama

pa·ja·ma dra·ma [puh-jah-muh  drah-muh]Situation that develops when a strong-willed child wants to wear his pajamas to school because he's under the impression it's pajama day but his parents tell him he cannot because there is nothing in his agenda nor is there any mention on the school's website that such shenanigans will be taking place today


crow [ee-ting  kroh]  
The humbling act of acknowledging that one has indeed been proven wrong

A good example would be when a mother of a strong-willed child, who is in the midst of a pajama drama induced fit, picks up the phone in order to call the school office to prove to said child that he must be confused about today being pajama day since there was no note, memo, message or otherwise anywhere to speak of about such shenanigans taking place today only to be told that yes, today is indeed pajama day and that for some odd reason unknown to any of them, nothing was placed in the teachers' mailboxes as it should have been so the teachers were told to inform the children of it yesterday at the end of the day and then having to hang up the phone and tell the strong-willed child that he was indeed correct and could proceed to wear his pajamas to school after all.  

So how was your morning?  

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  1. Oh!! I had to laugh... isn't that the worst?? At least you know that the Child was paying attention and remembered ;-)
    Have a great rest of your day!
    Girl In Shoes

  2. We had pajama day yesterday. Fortunately we had 4 notes sent home in the past 2 weeks about it. I wouldn't have believed my child otherwise. We never got pajama day when I was in school... although there were always those kids who wore their jammies everyday anyway...

  3. Ahh I hate eating crow. The thing with kids is they never let you forget that your were wrong. Hope your day gets better.

  4. Oh my. Being wrong is not fun. I've been right there with you though. I'm sure he'll be wrong about something soon, and the balance will be restored. Until then, maybe some ranch with that crow?

  5. Well when said child has his head in the toilet after a night of too much drinking, the mother of said child can boldy say "I told you so" nanananan.

  6. Oh yikes!

    Good thing that he knew!

  7. I have wrestled scissors from my son's hands for the last two days. Last night he went to bed attempting to pull out his hair with his fists.

    Today I got him a haircut.

    And McDonalds for waiting for a professional. :)

    *sigh* It never gets easier, just different.

  8. Julianna took my "sigh".... (sigh) I was waiting for a pic of the pajamas in question.
    But I love your old-timey pic - and the caption is perfect!

  9. It totally stinks when we're wrong like that. Dang it! But I gotta say...I'd fight for the right to wear jammies in public too!