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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Things I've Never Done

I'm 40 years old and I've never...

1. Set foot in Australia.  

2. Had really short hair.

3. Eaten Caviar.

4. Been to Washington D.C.

5. Snow skied.

6. Planned a surprise party.

7. Seen Breakfast at Tiffany's.

8. Eaten breakfast at Tiffany's.

9. Ridden in a hot air balloon.

10. Had a bikini wax.

11. Been to Paris.

12. Been to Alaska.

13. Been to Rhode Island.

14. Been able to do a full split. 

15. Seen a Broadway play.

16. Fired a gun.

17. Ridden a unicorn bike.

18. Learned to use a sewing machine.

19. Worn a tiara.

20. Mowed grass. (Seriously...I don't know how I've escaped it)

21. Zip lined through the Jamaican forest...

22. I chose to kiss a dolphin instead.

*This post was written in response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt 1.) Follow the template I copied from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done.

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  1. HEHE! I was in Rhode Island on Sunday. Seems my GPS "forgot" to tell me to get on 495 and I took the senic route to get there. Funny, when I was done being pissed, it was actually a really pretty ride. :)

  2. WHERE can I get one of those unicorn bikes? I must have one. Awesome post and pictures!

  3. That unicorn bike is fabulous! i've never seen one either!

  4. You got to swim with dolphins??? I'm assuming you kissed it after swimming? That was on my list of things I've never done...swim, not kiss, by the way! :-)

    Also, that picture of Alaska is GORGEOUS! Makes me want to go there.

  5. I totally want to do most of these things on your list especially the kiss the dolphin. I totally want to kiss a dolphin.

  6. Been to Rhode Island 3 times. The Food was good.

    Love to shoot.

    If you can avoid mowing grass, more power to ya. It is as fun as it looks.

    Would absolutely love to go to Australia.

  7. Hi there!!! Linking from Mama Kat's.. I wish I could ride a unicorn too...
    Girl In Shoes

  8. This was a fun post! I enjoyed reading what you haven't done. I haven't done a lot on your list either. I especially want to see Alaska one day.

  9. Hey,

    We could be twins! Well apart from the fact I live in Australia and I have shaved my head twice (for a good cause though). We have so many of the things on your list in common.

    Great list.

  10. I was with you until we got to the sewing machine...and that picture of the unicorn bike made me laugh out loud!

  11. I don't know how I managed to never learn how to use a sewing machine either. And I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins. Oh, and that unicorn bike is awesome!

  12. OMG Never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's - my absolute fave film of all time! Love the dolphin kiss - I've swum with them in the wild... not got close enough for a kiss though ;-) That unicorn bike is mad. Do check out mine ;-) Fiona

  13. Washington is a fascinating city to visit. I grew up outside Washington and always find new things to see.

    I would love to fly in balloon some day.

  14. Giggling b/c I'm typing this from home -- DC. I've had short hair, used to be able to do a full split, have had a bikini wax (NEVER AGAIN!), I've seen a broadway play, am forced to wear a tiara sometimes by the little girls. Other than that, I'm w/you.

  15. Glad I am not the only one with the big fail on the sewing machine (which I also included on my 22 things I have never done).

  16. Love your list - looks like we think a lot alike on the waxing and balloon ride front ;) How cool that you've kissed a dolphin though!

  17. I just cut my hair the shortest it has ever been. And I LOVE IT! With four kids five and under it is the only way to go! And the first chance you get to go to Paris, take it!

  18. Whoa, this is a prompt I could actually do! I love the dolphin smooch. Gorgeous pictures.

  19. I'm not sure if you really want to have a bikini wax. It's not pleasant!

  20. These are so fun! Sounds like you need to talk to a travel agent and pack a bag! OR... ride your unicorn bike across the country. Seriously, I'd pay to see that. :)

  21. I love reading all these lists. I need to make my own. I've done quite a few of the things on your list! But not a unicorn bike... ;)

  22. Let's go to Australia together! Then I can say I've been out of the country. My kids were actually born in RI. I cannot believe a southern belle like you hasn't worn a tiara!

  23. Great list and pictures! Which of those never-done things would you like to do? I would LOVE to go to Australia some day.

  24. I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's either! Also, that unicorn bike? AWESOME. I totally need one.

  25. I haven't had a bikinni wax either...shhhhh...don't tell :)

  26. With all those "never traveled's" where do you want to go FIRST?