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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Things I've Done

Last week Mama Kat asked us to make a list of 22 things we've never done.  So I did.  This week she asked us to make a list of 22 things we have done.  So I did.

In my 40.5 years I have...

1. Set foot in Tangier, Morocco.  

2. Eaten eel.  By mistake. While stepping outside my comfort zone to try sushi.  Eww. Never again! 

3. Caught an eel. By mistake.  While deep sea fishing. Sea sickness is wretched and horrid.  Never again!

4. Worn big hair, big glasses and big earrings.  At the same time.

5. Flown over The Grand Canyon in a helicopter.

6. Spent the night in a refrigerator box.

7. Seen Steel Magnolias and Sleepless in Seattle so many times that I can and frequently do quote all the characters word for word.  

8. Been to the British Virgin Islands.

9. Flown first class.  But not on my dollar.    

10. Broken my right clavicle bone.

11. Been to Spain. 

12. Eaten dinner outside at Times Square.

13. Swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman.  Twice.

14. Fed a giraffe.

15. Worked for a large corporation.

16. Been self-employed.

17. Been a stay home mom.

18. Baited my own hook with a worm and camped out on a riverbank.  I'm not a total girly girl.

19. Held a snake.  Briefly. Very briefly. 

20. Worn hammer pants. And not as a joke either.  

21. Seen the tailless monkeys atop the Rock of Gibraltar.

22. Known much Love and Laughter.

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  1. Wow! I was blown away by all the pics, but I think I love the last one the most.

    Sometimes, there's just no hiding the joy. :)

  2. You have done it all.Great post. Love it.

  3. You have had a great life....minus holding the snake:)

  4. You have such an awesome list! Feeding a giraffe? That is so cool. You have done some really nifty things. Your pictures are awesome!

  5. I love #22 and the picture that goes with it! Great list!

  6. Love this post - so many memorable times in your life (lose the snake though...that would definitely be on my own list of things to Never Do!)

    When we go from day to day, we often forget about all the times that took our breath away - just like that famous quote. Thank you for the reminders!

  7. You have been so blessed to travel to so many neat places. You're one lucky gal!

  8. I have been to Morocco and Spain too. I was in Casablanca and Fez in Morocco.

  9. LOL about the hammer pants, and the hair, because we all did it, right? Great list. Some really fun memories to look back on. And thanks for dropping by my blog too! ;-)

  10. Holy Christmas, you've been to lots of places. I love your list, and have the round glasses with big hair. They were fake glasses!

  11. What a beautiful list...with pictures. #4 is that really you?

  12. My goodness, you've traveled alot !
    Loved your pictures and your adventures!

  13. Great post! You sure did a lot of traveling. I thought all monkeys had long tails--guess not. Like that you included all those pictures!

    stopping by from writers workshop.

  14. Hammer pants! LOL Oh, those were terrible! Great list!

  15. I'm not ashamed to say that I actually know what hammer pants are... LOL... thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. I love your list! Many made me laugh, many made me jealous of your awesome travels...and the last one was just awesome!

  17. Number 18 is super impressive. Never will I ever touch a worm let alone bait it...shudder.
    You've done so much woman!!!
    And you nailed the big hair big glasses and big earrings combo.
    The last line says it all and you do look so happy ;)

  18. What a wonderful list! I am with you on the deep sea fishing-ugh! I do enjoy someone else's catch cooked and served for dinner : )

  19. what a wonderful list! I have eaten sea eel sushi often, actually and like it a lot :)

  20. the pictures were awesome. I think you are so brave to hold the snake - don't think I could do it. Isn't first class awesome when you don't pay for it?

    Also - my BROTHER says, "Are you HIGH Clairee?" QUITE often. We both have seen those movies a ton. and no, my brother is not gay - just a fan of good movies. ;)

  21. You had me at Morocco!! What an awesome list!! You've done it all. :)