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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I Heard A Lot When I Was Growing Up...

1. Hurry up!  You're not going to a fashion show! (I had to get that hair curled, teased and sprayed to perfection)

2. Put something on your feet before you catch pneumonia. (This one never took because I still go barefoot year round in the house and sometimes even outside to get the mail in the dead of winter.) 

3. What's the matter?  Cat got your tongue? (I never did figure out who this cat was or what he'd want with my tongue.)

4. I could ride to town on that lip, it's stuck out so far! (When I was pouting) 

5. Oh law, we better call the ambulance before she bleeds to death! (I tended to overreact a little..okay a lot...when I got hurt, especially if blood was spilling....or trickling )  

6. Gah!  Don't let that dog lick you in the face! 

7. If you don't let me clean those ears out, I'm going to have to take you to the doctor and let him clean them out.  You could grow potatoes in those things!  (I think I may have actually said this a time or two to the boys...I know, I know...Eww!)  

8. I hope you aren't swallowing any of those seeds because you know a watermelon vine will grow out of your belly button if you do, right?  (I was extremely gullible because I remember being really worried this was going to happen so I was extra careful not to swallow any of those seeds and if I did, I worried about it for days)

9. What are you doing?!  Don't you know it's bad luck to open an umbrella in the house?!

10. Be careful not to break that mirror.  You'll have seven years bad luck if you do. (I remember counting up the years every time I broke one to figure out what age I'd be when my bad luck would finally be over.)

11. Your hair is a rat's nest. Come here and let me brush those tangles out.

12. Why are these clothes all over the floor?!  I can't tell what's clean and what's dirty!  This place is a pigsty!

13. Don't ever let somebody sweep under your feet or you'll never get married.

14. You can't get back in that water yet.  It hasn't been an hour since you ate.  You'll get cramps.  (I really didn't want those, whatever they were, so I watched that clock until my hour was up!)

15. Don't eat those wild strawberries.  They're poisonous.

16. You're sitting way too close to that t.v.  Move back before you ruin your eyes!

17. You better be careful or your face is gonna freeze like that.

18. If you don't let me clip those toenails they're going to get ingrown and the doctor will have to cut them out.  (No wonder I had such a fear of doctors!)

19. You can't go outside with that wet head.  You'll catch your death of cold!

20. What do you say?  ("Thank you." I say, "Thank you.")  

What did you hear a lot of when you were growing up?

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  1. Hee! Love this! And oh my the things we heard and now -ahem- repeat!

  2. I was a picky eater so I always heard, "You're gonna drown in the rain if you don't stop turning your nose up". I never understood this. We were inside. Sitting at the kitchen table. I wouldn't have my nose turned up if we were outside playing in the rain.

  3. When I would get hurt. My Dad would look at me ask if I wanted to do that again?

  4. I am going to give you something to cry about.
    I am not going to tell you again. I always hoped she wouldn't tell me again.

  5. I admit... of all those things I heard growing up, I sometimes hear myself saying them now!

  6. My mother always used to tell us she needed a "fire path" through our room.

    I really think she wanted us to clean up, and thought the threat of fire would work.

    It didn't.

    Yet I still say this to my kids.

  7. My grandfather would say "I'm gonna swap you for a billy goat and shoot the billy goat".

    Endearing guy.

    Other than that you covered most. My mom would say the ride to town on that lip to my sister all the time.

    These took me back and made me laugh.

  8. You weren't raised in a barn rings a bell.

  9. So funny! I heard all those things and "Rachel, stop hitting your sister".

    But as you can see from my last post... she totally, totally deserved it :)

  10. I had a rat's nest in my hair too. Finally my mom just cut it short.

  11. I heard a lot of these too. When I pouted, I heard "I could ride to Smithfield on your bottom lip". (Smithfield was the nearest town.
    Funny that was such a widespread parental remark!