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Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Things I Learned On Spring Break

1. Driving along Skyline Drive is a lot like driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.

2. Residence Inn Marriott is a great pet-friendly place to stay.  We spent two nights at the Williamsburg, Virginia location and three nights at the Roanoke location.

3. Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke is one of the prettiest lakes I've ever been out on.  

4. Seeing is believing, or in this case, I guess it's more like feeling is believing.  The boys didn't believe us when we told them how cold 62 degree water is.  They just had to find out for themselves.  It took about 2.3 seconds for them to get back in the boat.  And then they had the nerve to ask why we didn't tell them it was cold!  

5. U.S. History is way more interesting as an adult and touring historic Jamestown and Yorktown made me question why I didn't pay more attention to it in school.  

6. It doesn't matter what you do or where you go with boys...  Their most favorite things will always include souvenir knife shopping, competitions, beating things with sticks, and fighting.  

7. It doesn't matter what you do or where you go with dogs...Their most favorite things will always include wind in their ears, napping, , and sniffing new ground.

8. Beautiful sunsets will never cease to awe me.

9. Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley is unbelievably amazing.  I took about 100 photos down there.  

10. Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way from Roanoke, VA to Blowing Rock, NC is a long drive home but well worth it and beats the boring old interstate any day of the week.  

11.  As nice as it always is to get away for a few days, there is no place like home.  



  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I cant believe you got both of the boys in most of your pictures:)

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Ever since I was little we've gone to Skyline Drive and it is SO beautiful!

  3. fun!! Welcome home!

  4. Girl! You were so close to me when you were at Jamestown! Did you see the ferry crossing the James River there? We're about a half hour on the other side of the ferry.
    Love that you had a nice vacation! We've also been to Blowing Rock.
    Enjoyed seeing your photos!

  5. Oops -
    that anonymous comment above was from me - hit a key by mistake and posted without filling in my info!

  6. Welcome home! I could tell from your photos how restful and refreshing the time was, and what beautiful places you chose to visit!