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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It was 1986 and I was fifteen years old (or pretty close to it) when I first saw his face up on the big screen.  Oh, I had had my share of crushes by this time.... that good looking older boy a couple of streets over, Shaun Cassidy, that center fielder for the Braves, Dale's a lengthy list.  

But this? This was some kind of different. My good friend, Susan, and I went to see Top Gun and now I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking it was Tom Cruise, right?  Wrong.  

It was that bad boy, Iceman...Val Kilmer.  I thought he was hawt!  But I was conflicted.  Maverick was the good guy, the obvious choice here so why was I pining for that cold, aloof, no good Iceman?  I can't say what it was exactly but I was convinced he was gonna be mine, mine, mine.  

I was aware of the fact that I was only a  painfully shy freshman in high school living in a small southern town who had never even kissed a boy and he was this much older tanned and muscled up movie star living on the other side of the country but I knew none of that would matter once he gazed into my eyes.

It would be love at first sight and we would live happily ever after in our castle on the hill.  

That summer we moved from Georgia to North Carolina and I became preoccupied with making new friends and meeting new boys and pretty soon my memories of Val began to fade and I eventually lost that loving feeling.  

Fast forward to 1991.  I was twenty years old (or pretty close to it) and for the past several months my good friend, Jeannie, and I had been obsessed with Mr. Mojo Risin a.k.a Jim Morrison. 

I can't recall how this obsession began since the man had been dead for as long as we had been alive. I think we heard one of his songs playing at some party we'd crashed  on the radio and suddenly we were about all things Doors.  We were wearing tie-dye from head to toe, hippie beads and sunglasses at night.  

It was a phase.  Just a phase.  

When we heard they had made a movie about our beloved dead singer?  We were over the moon!  We were like those crazy Twilight groupies who camp out outside the theater wearing their Team Edward shirts.  Only our shirts were tie-dyed and had a dead singer's face plastered across the front.  

And there he was. He was back.  Val was back and that old flame was burning again.    Jim who? That's Val Kilmer.  Iceman!  Iceman is playing Jim Morrison!  Diane Kilmer....Paula Diane Kilmer... Diane L. Kilmer....  Yep, my crush was back.  
Of course I was twenty and living the life of a twenty year old so I didn't spend my days dreaming up ways to run away to Hollywood and stake claim on my man but anytime he popped back up on the screen...

As Doc Holliday in Tombstone in 1993.  

And then again in Batman Forever in 1996.  I was fifteen again for a brief moment in time...

I fell in love, got married, had babies, became widowed, fell in love and got married again. But from time to time I'd see one of Val's old movies on t.v. and I'd smile and remember that loving feeling that once coursed through my veins.  

Then a couple of years ago, I was flipping through some trashy magazine in a waiting room somewhere and there he was again...

And just like that, I lost that loving feeling....and now it's gone, gone, gone..wooooooh!

Well what do you expect when you base a relationship solely on good looks alone?  It would have never worked out in the long run.  

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's writing prompt, "A boy you had a crush on…where is he now?"  and Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday's  Letter C.  


  1. LOVE THIS POST! I totally know the feeling, gone, gone, gone! LOL

  2. OMG! I adored Val! Unfortunately, he looks pretty sad today. Someone needs to get that guy on a really good diet and build his self-esteem!!!

  3. I'm so cracking up right now! Thanks *so much* for that last photo of him... FYI--He's a NM resident now who is thinking about throwing his (very-dirty) hat into politics out here. (joy...) So whatever happened to Goose???

  4. My favorite movie roll of his was as Doc Holliday. How cool did he play it?

    He's a great, great actor.

  5. Come on - he is still hot in Top Gun. ;)

  6. HAHA I literally lol'ed at the last sentence! Great post!

  7. Oooh... I am so with you on this one. Val did kind of lose it, but I think he could whip back into shape if Hollywood should ever call again!

  8. This looks like a "girls only" post, but I have to say, Val as Doc Holiday is just about my favorite character ever. "I'll be your huckleberry".

    That movie made a young man wanna conquer the world!

  9. Today, mine was all about Ralph Macchio and had much the same results. BTW, I named my little brother after Shaun Cassidy.

  10. That last picture totally makes that good crush feeling disappear. Totally.

  11. Oops!

    What a funny ending to that post.


  12. My favorite from Top Gun was Anthony Edwards (I go for the stable geeky guys). Now that he's folicly challenged that loving feeling is gone too. This is hysterical and I'm so glad you ended with that pic! Stopping by from Mama Kat's...

  13. I'm completely laughing my butt off over here -- b/c I was with you all.the.way. Except MY love for all things Val started with Weird Genius (I think that was the name of it) when I was in the 7th or 8th grade. I've tried looking at thate latest pic as the face of a dad . . . but yeah. Put a shirt on. The paprazzi are out. Oh, and those Twi-hards you speak of? *hangs head* but I don't own a shirt. Honest. I *may* own a Josh Groban shirt. But he hasn't let himself go . . . so I haven't lost that lovin' feeling. At all. You are rockin' this post.

  14. If you are going to have a big crush it will inevitably end with big disappointment ;)

    Great post! For me it was and will always be Ben Affleck (except when he was with JLo)

    New follower from Mama Kats :)

  15. I had it for Tom, but that loving feeling is definitely gone now. He's crazy!

  16. yeah, I know the feeling but I haven't read a magazine in ages so the people I like never ages

    have a sweet day.

  17. Great post and that last picture... OMGrcious! It's so awful I giggled!

  18. love that you wrote about a celebrity crush. yes he was crush worthy and swoon worthy. my oh my. i am with ya, sister.

  19. I LOVED Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrisson! He was a really good actor in his day...what happened? Poor Val!!

  20. OH man! The Iceman was so HOT! And I was ready to try whatever Val was smokin' or snotin' just to be a groupie for THE DOORS! Aya-ya! I even loved him in Real Genius....the sexiest nerd EVER!

    But, yea, been there done that, saw the innertube. But I still have my Iceman fantasies!

  21. That was too funny! Dude needs a shirt.

  22. I am laughing so hard at the end of your post!!!
    But I agree: he was a hottie in his day.
    Great post - loved it! Especially the picture of him in Tombstone. mmmm

  23. I always loved Val Kilmer. But, OMG, yes he let himself go. This post is too funny!

  24. Teeheehee! That was fantastic reading with a funny ending.

    Visiting from Mama Kats =)

  25. I love this post! What tremendous writing.

    What a wonderfully creative and funny link! I'm sorry you lost that lovin' feeling...but I can see why! ha!

    The comments to this post are really hilarious, too!

    Thanks for linking up.


  26. Ahh Val....poor guy.

    I thought he was adorable as Batman.

  27. too funny ... I had a strange crush on him, too, and him being a lunger in Tombstone didn't really make much of a difference. Thanks for the reality check! :)