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Monday, May 16, 2011

And then She Lost It! The Tale of a Penguin

A Very Grouchy Female Penguin
(By Dracen, Age 7)

Once there was a grouchy penguin.  She wanted to fight. She saw a bee. She said,  "Do you want to fight?" 

"Yea", the bee said. She smacked the bee.  He cried.  Then she went to fight a stag beetle.  

At 6:00 the stag beetle peanched (pinched?) her brain.  She said, "BRAIN FREEZE!"

Then she went to fight a polar bear.  "ROAR!"  She did not even say a word and flew to the ocean. (teacher noted in margin that penguins don't fly...Oh come on! They don't talk either!)

Then at 7:00 she went to fight a frog.  

At 8:00 the frog burped swamp gas and the penguin passed out.  (Bwa ha ha!)

At 9:00 she tried to fight a whale shark.  The whale shark ate her foot!  

Then at 10:00, she tried to fight a dragon.  The dragon blowed fire on her.  

Then at 11:00 she lost it (I've no idea where he heard that!) and hurt every animal that hurt her. 

Then at 12:00 a white whale, sand whale, and blue whale came and hurt her.  But she still was fighting!  Then she pushed the blue whale. 

At 12:30 the blue whale went into the sand whale and the sand whale flew into the ocean.  Then the sand whale got stuck on an acere (glacier?).

At 1:00 the sand whale had to go to the hospital.  At 1:30 the penguin went too and she was nice to everybody. 

Starting at 2:00 she said, "Hey, you want a soda?"   "Yea." 

Hey, you want cheese?"  "Yes, please."  

"Hey, you like t.v.?"

She made a lot of friends....even the whales.  

And the moral of the story is...

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?

If you go out looking for trouble, you're gonna find it?  

Frog swamp gas is some seriously foul stuff?

Penguins are moody?

Females, in general, are moody?

Penguins wear watches?

Never mess with a whale shark?

Seven year old boys two favorite topics of conversation are fighting and passing gas?   I'm going with this one.  

Y'all have a great day.  And watch out for those female penguins!


  1. Love his story. Not sure of the morale, but it sounds a little like a penguin/whale version of Fight Club.

  2. Very nice!

    It does sound a little like fight club.

  3. Nobody writes better stories than kids do. I loved that, and I think your last theory was probably pretty right. :)