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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fancy Friday...I'll take the red one

When I was a little girl, my favorite color was yellow.  I had a yellow room with a canopy bed and pretty white curtains with little yellow flowers on them. 

Later on, in my preteen years, when asked what my favorite color was, I never hesitated to say, "purple".  I recall a little cloth purple and lavender purse I picked out for my birthday one year.  I was over the moon for that thing...OVER the moon!

In my 11th grade English class we had the assignment of putting together a "Song of Myself" book, a project I took great pride in completing.  I remember having a ball with the subject of my favorite color which, at the time, was pink.  I was convinced, like Julia Robert's character, Shelby, in Steel Magnolias that "pink was my signature color" and that I looked every bit as pretty while wearing it as Molly Ringwald did in the movie, Pretty in Pink. 

When I got married at the age of 25, I was all about the color lavender, had all my bridesmaids decked out in it from head to toe and carried a great big cascading bouquet scattered with lavender tulips.  "Lavender was my signature color!" 

I still love lavender and yellow and pink and purple, along with many, many others that make up that giant 64-count crayon box I so loved to get my hands on when I was a kid.  I will never forget the fresh smell of those brand spanking new Crayolas...happiness in a box it was.  I think now they have one with 120.  I would have been absolutely beside myself with joy! 

Something happened some time in my 20's though that made me realize just how very much I had always, deep down, been madly in love with the color red.  Maybe it was those red cowboy boots I had that always made me feel like I could conquer the world or maybe someone I admired told me I looked good in the color red or maybe it had a whole lot to do with that shiny new red Mustang I was making payments on and riding around in all footloose and fancy free. 

Whatever the reason, I fell in love with red and still carry a burning torch for it to this day which is why I am dedicating this edition of Fancy Friday to all things RED. 

 The Kapow! Boot.  a.k.a The Wonder Woman Boot! There were those red cowboy boots I had in my twenties and I currently possess a pair of red boots I've owned for about 4 years now but these red kicks I found at ModCloth are nothing short of smokin'!
 Kalanchoe Blooms Dress
 One of my current obsessions/guilty pleasures is the AMC show, Mad Men, that Charlie and I have been devouring on dvd for the past month.  If you haven't watched the show, you need to buy or rent it immediately! It is set in the 1960s and this dress reminds me of something you'd see there.  Va-va-va-Voom!

Faithfully Yours Flower Hair Clip.
Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a flower in my hair.   Found this pretty little red felt one at Ruche...

 Float On By Butterfly Dress.
 Okay, so this dress is mostly black but OMG, the red butterflies!

 Leaf-Print Fringed Scarf.  This Old Navy scarf had me at semi-sheer cotton voile.

 Warmth and Cheer Coat.  Is it just me and the fact that I was a child of the 70's or is this coat to die for?  Because, seriously, how much cuter could a cherry coat get? 

 Yasmina Tunic
I absolutely love the character and style of this tunic and best of all, it's silk....

Red Flower Dishes
I realize this is an odd thing to throw in here but I just stumbled upon them and have been searching for some new dishes to match my red-accented kitchen for awhile now.

Bodacious Watch
I don't always wear a watch and I'm kinda sorta picky about them when I do but I could definitely sport this one.  And who knew a watch could be bodacious?

Recherche Bag
LOVE! I would carry this bag anywhere it wanted to go...

Rustic Romantic Indie Necklace
And I wouldn't mind a bit if this necklace came along with us!
I got sucked right in by the words "rustic" and "romantic"...

Mary Jane Pleaser
Don't ask me exactly why it is, but I have always been drawn to the mary jane. Something about them just seems to be the perfect combination of sweet and sexy all wrapped up together...

Minimalist Handmade Earrings
I could spend hours surfing the numerous handmade items on etsy.  These red coral and oxidized sterling silver earrings were made by my childhood bestie from her little farm in Athens, Georgia.  I'm super impressed with her mad talent.  Check out her etsy site, jNicDesigns

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Aww thanks for including my work in your gorgeous collection! I adore that tunic and those dishes! Want! Want! Want! ;)

  2. Now you have me pining for all things red. You have great taste!

  3. I must have those boots. Must. You have excellent taste. Come makeover my house or closet anytime!

  4. This post just spoke to me! Steel Magnolias is one of my all-time favorite movies. And I do love me some RED...