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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Say what?

Devin got an ipod touch for Christmas.  He'd been wanting it forever well, what he REALLY wanted was a cell phone but an 11 year old does not need a cell phone and I.will.NOT.cave! and he and Dracen are constantly showing me some new app. they've discovered for it.  

One of their favorites is the mood test.  They love to yank my fingers off my laptop keyboard or crackberry and press one of my fingertips onto the ipod touch's screen for it to scan and then tell what kind of mood I'm in when all they really had to do was ask me but that's not as much fun.  They also like to scan the dogs' paws.  Yesterday afternoon Charlene and I were both Relaxed... 

And I agreed.  Mainly because that sounded way better than Lazy.

Shortly after Dracen determined my mood, Devin comes in with it and asks, "Can you hear this?" as he holds it up in the air.  "Hear what?"  I say.   "It's a really loud noise" they both say in unison and you can't hear it if you're over 20". 

"Say WHAT?! What kind of baloney is this!?"

So then I am determined to hear it.  And if I held it really close to my ear, I could hear a very faint high pitched tone.  But only barely. 

They pulled it out on Charlie last night after he got home and he could hear absolutely nothing at all.  Nada. zip.  So then I start thinking maybe there really is some truth behind this. 

And according to google, there actually is.  Who knew?  Apparently, our sensitivity to high-pitched noises decreases as we get older.  And I don't know about you, but I'm counting this among my blessings.  Because really, who wants to listen to an annoying and obnoxious high-pitched squealy sound anyway?

Not me. 

In addition to the ipod touch, they could not get enough of all things electronic yesterday afternoon.  I think, after that week of being snowed in, they were experiencing some serious DT's at school all day because they came through the door, dropped their jackets, shoes and book bags on the floor and nearly knocked each other down getting to the t.v., phone and computer. 

Not that this is unusual or different from any other day but the sense of urgency seemed a little more exaggerated yesterday. 

"Devin, I think I told you to do your homework or did I not speak in a tone your young ears could hear?" 

"No, no, I am, really, just please, you HAVE to watch this first!" 

This is what I just HAD to watch...

I think an intervention is in order. 


  1. Oh, that's hilarious! I remember that hearing test from a few years ago (when I was still in my 20s). Take heart, I couldn't hear the noise either. [And my mom wasn't lying about how those headphones were going to make me go deaf...]

  2. I can't believe you were forced to watch that! And if they kept ripping my fingers off the keyboard, my mood would change instantly! LOL

  3. My son earned money during the summer to get his ipod too. He loves it. He will love the mood app. Will have to find it tonight.
    As for the whole beard eating fiasco...that was funny. What kind of punishment is that....heehee.
    Too funny!

  4. Relax . . .his beard will grow back, your mood will improve, the PO-lice will come. He knowed it. :) (and I'm totally with you on the cell phone.)