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Monday, January 17, 2011

My fever broke.

The snow is finally on its way out and the boys are back in school which means I have my quiet time back and freedom to go to the gym today. And I assure you pilates will not be kind to me after another week off.

I was beyond relieved to break my cabin fever by going to eat at the local seafood restaurant Friday night to celebrate Momaw Pat's and Popaw Bob's birthdays that were both last week. 

Saturday morning I dropped the boys off at the skating rink for a birthday party and headed to Old Navy where I was mostly unsuccessful at scoring any pants to fit me right.  It's always a shock to the system to put on a pair of jeans after lounging around the house in sweats and pajama pants for a solid week.

Those cookies and cream Pop-tarts the boys forced me to buy at the grocery store and the snow cream they forced me to make suddenly seemed like very bad judgement calls. 

After my Old Navy run, we went back over to my old house that my niece and her family are going to rent come the end of the month, to finish up cleaning out the basement that never ends.  Seriously, it.never.ends. because we still are NOT done! 

It is absolutely amazing to me how much useless and nonsense stuff manages to pile up on us over the years.  Keep? trash? or Salvation Army?  There must have been a hundred and fifty two vhs tapes.  What do you do with those things?  I finally decided that unless it was a home video or unmarked, it was being donated and will probably wind up in a pile of cat hair at some hoarder's house somewhere. 

I came across one of our battery operated water bottle spray fans we bought at Disney the summer before last.  I held it up to Charlie and he said. "Oh, it's the water bottle we paid something like 50 dollars for at Disney"! 

He suddenly started to feel like a hoarder himself because he was actually tempted to keep it and this man has not one ounce of hoarder in his blood.  There's something about the wonderful world of Disney that hypnotizes us, bathes us in temporary insanity and makes us hand over every cent in our pockets with a smile on our faces.

I don't know how it works but I know you know what I'm talking about. 

The magic of Disney was not, however, working on me Saturday because I normally the sentimental sappy one was not going to be held prisoner by a plastic water bottle any longer, even if it did cost more than the price of feeding the entire population of a small country for a week.

We came home with a plastic tote marked "Devin- Baby and Preschool", my lavender luggage set I thought was a good purchase at the time and my dusty, old, underused treadmill that is now taking up way too much room in the garage. I kept thinking, though, how handy and convenient it will be the next time I'm snowed in for a week and can't go to the gym.

Oh, we're snowed in.  I think I'll go out here to the garage and run a few miles on my treadmill! 

It could happen.  It could


  1. Disney does that. Absolutely irresistible.

    I need to hit Old Navy myself too. Anything worth seeing?

  2. I still haven't gotten back to exercising after being sick for a week the week before last... Glad you are all unburied!

  3. Well you do realize the treadmill can be used as a great clothes line or place to hang jackets and hoodies...I'm just pointing that out in case you hadn't thought of it yourself. :)

  4. I need to start exercising. Bad! The first trip after a long does of cabin fever is so starnge. It's as though you don't know what to do with yourself.

  5. Hitting the gym tomorrow. Less than a month to lose 10 and firm up for a cruise.

    I told my kids they better not get sick because they are going to school this week:)

  6. I used my treadmill tonight. It was the first time in 6 months (or more). We've got one of those water bottles lurking in our basement, too. My husband refuses to throw it out. Sigh.

  7. It's easy to get rid of the smaller things. Bigger things we try to say we'll use again.

    Hoping that we are done with snow for the year!

  8. Hahaha. I have a hard time getting rid of VHS. Don't know why because our VCR is also somewhere in the garage and has been there for about 5 years. Ha. Too funny!