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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the name of paint

We are now on day 3 of no school.  The sun is finally shining today but not supposed to get out of the mid 30s.  I see a lot of makeup days in the demolition duo's future. 

When I told Devin yesterday afternoon that school had been called off again for today, he actually said, Nooo!  I think he fears Saturday school and the loss of Spring Break.  Because I can guarantee you he is not missing long division with decimals or the school lunch menu. 

I have to admit, the sleeping in is nice, especially this morning since I wore myself slap out yesterday by painting the foyer and hallway.  That doesn't sound like a big job, does out?  Oh, I think I'll slap this paint I bought on the foyer and hallway!  I finally finished around 8 last night.  

I am so happy to report that the pale yellow that covered the walls in the living room, sunroom, hall and foyer when we moved into this house last April have all now been replaced with veridian green, fudgecicle, gold coin and caraway seed.  

Don't you just love the names they come up with for paint colors?  I always think I have a somewhat pretty good idea of what color I'm looking for when I walk into the paint section at Lowe's and every. single.time. I become overwhelmed once I'm face to face with all those countless shades with their big fancy names. 

Don't laugh.  But when I find myself down to 2 or 3 shades that I can't make up my mind about, I will finally choose the one whose name I like the best.  I'm silly like that.

I'm sure I'm looking silly again right about now too because y'all remember the fever blisters I told you about that popped up on my lips on New Year's Eve that I treated with my google-found remedy of tootpaste and salt?  They came back yesterday! In the exact same places. WTH?!  That never happens.

Except that it does because they did and now I'm walking around with a nasty salty white paste on my lips.  AGAIN! And I didn't touch the pistachios with a ten foot pole after I read that they trigger them so  Luckily, they are not as bad this time around and I've been fiercely attacking them with the lysine pills and the paste concoction since yesterday morning. 


Now I must go put the smackdown on that mountain of laundry before it starts thinking it deserves its own fancy name too.  Mount Clothesmore?  I think not. 

Oh, here's a pic of the curtains I've ordered for my dining room I painted that awesome shade of Gold Coin over the weekend.  It was love at first sight...


  1. You're putting me to shame with your productivity. Stop it.

  2. I've gone into Lowe's with NO idea what color I want, only to discover delicious names and become inspired. And now the walls are called something like "denim's rainy days' :)

  3. Our entire house was repainted last year from October to July. I already need to do touch ups in almost every room.

    We are on snow day #4. I predict no school this week.

    Gotta go get a bedroom clear so bunk beds can be delivered. (and set up...i love pb)