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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Well, the one week back to our normal routine was kinda nice while it lasted.  Now there is snow in the South again which means no school.  And judging by the forecast, this stuff is gonna stay on the ground for a few days. 

And I didn't leave the house all weekend long because I was head deep in housework and  paint so I now fear that there will be cabin fever in my very near future since I now can't leave the house.

I painted the dining room a lovely warm shade of gold that I am absolutely in love with.  It is the exact color I was shooting for a few years back in the hallway at my old house that instead appeared to have a very nauseating orange hue once it was on the walls.

The Dracenator was a toddler when I painted it and apparently did not find it appealing either because a couple of weeks after I painted it, he took a black Sharpie to it.  It stayed that way for about 3 years before I finally repainted it. 

When he was in kindergarten a couple of years ago, his teacher informed me that hairspray will take Sharpie marks off and to my surprise, it does work most of the time.  Thank God we have outgrown the marking on walls and furniture phases around here. 

We have not, however, outgrown the stage of running our dirty, grubby little monkey paws down every wall we pass which is why I must now paint the hallway here.  Oh, I was planning on painting it anyway because it and the foyer are still the pale yellow that covered a big majority of the walls in this house. 

Not a nauseating color but not my taste either.  I have the paint but whether I will embark on another painting adventure today or not remains to be determined.  But if I was a betting woman, I would go with no since it is now after 11 and I have yet to run a comb through my hair. 

Something about snow on the ground and still falling from the sky gives me a sense of entitled laziness which is why I must go enjoy it while it lasts.  I give it about 3 more hours before the cabin fever kicks in...


  1. Hairspray? I will have to try that!

    It's still snowing here. I bet we have a snow day again tomorrow.

  2. Definately trying that hairspray trick. I have sharpie un and down my stair well. What about pencil?

    That color sounds so warm and cozy -- perfect for right now!

    Thanks for visiting yesterday!

    And I JUST saw that I wasn't following you?? I totally thought I was b/c you're on my blog roll. I'm smart like that.

  3. It's snowing here too but that is no surprise. We won't ever get a snow day unless it's blocked us leaving through the front door. :)

  4. We have about 6 inches. Sleet and icy rain headed this way. We won't have school tomorrow either.

    What we've had is headed your way, I think.

    My boys and hubby are "stranded" an extra day in Steamboat, CO. I think they are really bummed about it:)

  5. As predicted..NO SCHOOL TUESDAY for us:)

  6. Snow days are for books, blankets, and snuggling! No paint!

    The wall color sounds beautiful!

  7. Who knew about the hairspray and sharpie trick?? I had no idea!

  8. My Briggy has taken to writing on my livingroom couches with sharpie markers....grrrrrr. I am going to try the hairspray trick because at this point it is couch covers anyway. Hmph.

  9. I definitely don't miss the muddy handprints on walls ;-)

    I don't think I ever tried the hairspray trick though - thanks for the tip!