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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pollen and Getting Organized = HEADACHE

Yesterday it felt a little like a vise had a tight hold on my head I blame it on a combination of pollen-induced allergies and the fact that I have been in a trying-to-get-my-sh*t-organized kind of hell for the past week and a half. I started with my closet and decided about halfway through my best attempt at color-coordinating my clothes that I desperately needed for all my hangers to be the same and so I got online and ordered half a gazillion no-slip hangers and several clear shoeboxes from The Container Store and then gave myself the green light to go ahead and take a breather for a few days until they came in.

They came in Thursday though I didn't rip into them until Friday night. (My 20 year old self would have been mortified to know I'd one day be spending my Friday nights doing things like changing out all my hangers...Woot!) About halfway in, as I was knee deep in the old plastic hangers, I began to seriously question my sanity and judgment but finally finished about 9:30 that night and then decided to give myself another break on tackling the floor and shelves that now looked worse than when I started which Dracen was quick to point out to me each time he popped back there to check on my progress. 

I couldn't pick it back up Saturday because I'd made an appointment with the Terminix guy for our quarterly pest control for the first of this week and I really, really wanted him to be able to spray in the garage this time because holy heck, nothing freaks me out more than those giant spiders that like to take up residence in there and plus I'm pretty sure I've said, "we need to do something about the state of this garage" at least fifteen thousand times in the past two years because it was seriously depressing me to park my car in that mess that was dangerously beginning to resemble an episode of Hoarders, a show that frightens me almost as much as hairy spiders.

So after Dracen's baseball game Saturday morning we went to Lowe's where we bought us a brand new ginormous shop vac and a box of clean-up bags and spent the entire rest of the day cleaning out the garage. I was worn so slap out by the end of the day that we didn't even get up and go to church on Sunday but it is such a relief  to know that I no longer have to park my car in the middle of Hoarderville.

I finally got up the motivation to get back to work on my closet yesterday morning and that's when the invisible vise got ahold of my head. Organizing things is not one of my unique God-given abilities and nothing is more physically and mentally draining than working on something we weren't necessarily wired for. 

The problem is, the disorganization gives me just about as much of a headache as the act of organizing it. It's a vicious cycle that I've been living for 41 years (well, 42 tomorrow...WHAT?!). But the closet is complete...neat, organized and semi-color coordinated.
And my headache?  

Miraculously gone...

At least until I get started on the linen closet...or inhale another big puff of pollen.

Post inspired by Writer's Workshop prompt: Something that gave you a headache.

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  1. You did an amazing job organizing this every part of it. Now what time would work best for you to come over and do mine?

  2. Your closet looks great! and Happy Birthday :)

  3. Hoarders... yikes! I can't even bring myself to watch that one. That is a headache! It feels good to clean up, throw out, and simplify. And your closet looks just that!

  4. You need to see a Doctor. Not for the stuffy head but for the OCD. LOL

    I am so glad my wife wont see this. She'd be calling the container store and ask for some of what Diane was taking.

    Regardless it does look really nice.

    We just did a recarpet and a three bedroom switch around and I think we stirred up every piece of lint and dirt in the house. The wife had a headache for days.

    I have one of those heads that if it aint hurtin I had better see the doctor.

  5. Diane...come to my house ASAP and work your magic on my closets! You put all of us to shame! Hope your headache stays gone and that you're able to have a fabulous birthday celebration tomorrow! Make it a HAPPY one, you hear? :)

  6. your closet looks great! I can't watch hoarders either.

  7. I spent all day cleaning out BEHIND the garage. You know... that place where you're not sure where to put something, and Tony says "Just stick it out behind the garage."? Yeah. Not fun at all. I'm sore in places I had no idea I had.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. I have the best intentions every year to color coordinate and I start the season like that. But then laundry happens and they never quite make it back into order.

    You did great, girlie!

  9. I"m jealous. I want my closet to look like that!

  10. I guess getting organized in spring is about as unstoppable as the nesting instinct in expectant moms:). I did my side of the closet Monday. And I tackled some of my bedroom:). I washed about a dozen blankets and comforters. And I got out my LABELS!

    Tuesday, I woke up with the HEADACHE ! I think it was due to pollen and hormones! I actually read that monthly we get a "nesting" instinct similar to pregnancy? Hmmm! Pretty Interesting!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my older and wiser sister:d! I didn't get your card in the mail..... Coming soon. Enjoy your day! No organizing!

  11. I thought that I was the only freak who colour coordinated her closet. My husband gets so annoyed that I do this. My son's closet is this way too.
    I am absolutely horrified by spiders. No lie. I've actually trained my dog to kill them. Seriously.
    PS. I love that show.

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