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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Be Still Tuesday...Practicing Patience

I've never been the person who has trouble sitting down. I guess you could say that procrastinating chores is something that just comes naturally to me. When I set my mind on something I want with a passion, however, kindly step out of the way so I don't mow you over with my over-zealousness. In other words, it's all about what I really want to do. 

But I've noticed lately that even when I'm sitting still, I'm rarely allowing my mind to be still. Silence is important and I am always amazed at how relaxed and energized I feel when I take time to just be consciously in the scrolling the pinterest boards, checking facebook, twitter and instagram on my laptop or iphone but just.being.still...for a moment...or even a minute. ;) 

Tuesday is yoga day at the gym I go to and I always look forward to going to that class at noon because I know I'm going to be forced to put everything aside and practice patience and stillness for that one hour. 

And I always walk away feeling renewed and more at peace with my soul. 

One of my very favorite Bible verses (Psalm 46:10) is one most everyone has at least heard or seen written at some point and was also an inspirational force for my beginning this blog in March of 2010...

I don't know what it is about that simple verse that speaks so deeply to me but I can just about hear and envision God Himself speaking directly to me each time I see it written.  

So starting today, I am dedicating Tuesdays here on this blog to being still. I may share a "be still" moment or photo from my own life experiences or I may share another's piece of writing, video, photo or whatever else that I've found exceptionally uplifting or inspiring...

Dracen never gets up at first call on school mornings. In fact, he is quite the "patience tester". This morning, after he FINALLY got up, ate his breakfast and brushed his teeth, I yelled down the hallway that it was time to go but was forced to go back and fetch him. I found him sitting in my bathroom, slowly-slowly combing his hair (that was still sticking up all over his head) like he had all the time in the world. I grabbed the comb out of his hand, slapped some water on his head and combed it down in ten seconds flat and told him to "COME ON! It's time to GO!"

He slowly got up and went into his room to find another shirt because he decided he just could not live with the one he was wearing. I was tempted to LOSE IT and normally, I would have. 

But today, something (maybe the grace of God) came over me. I looked at the clock that read  7:19 (I try to pull out of the driveway by 7:20) and decided that I was going to stay calm, patient and peaceful, no matter what.

 So I propped myself up against the door frame, crossed my arms, and just watched him. He opened a dresser drawer and began fumbling through shirts, clearly looking for something in particular. I quietly and calmly asked him which shirt he was looking for and he said, "Umm...just one second, Mom" and then he promptly pulled one out and over his head and headed toward me and the door.

And we made it on time, just as we always do.

It was a sort of  'a-ha' moment for me...the realization that yelling, panicking and running around barking orders and idle threats into the wind like the sky is falling not only doesn't work but adds a ton of unnecessary stress and negative energy to the situation and to all within it. 

Patience really does pay off. 

Now if I can just remember that again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...

Trying to be Still,

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  1. I liked this a lot. I too have no trouble putting off the things I dislike doing, but I am extremely driven if it's something I do enjoy or want. I like the idea of Still Tuesdays. I think this whole big wide world should take note!

  2. I fuss at JDaniel to get him out the door. I need to do just as you have done and be patient.

  3. I love this idea. Might copy it... that is if I can stop yelling long enough to find that moment in the day. :) I usually sit still when I am forced to... chaos gets too much, wild dog lunges at the door while I'm on HIS lawn, etc. Something tells me I'd be a lot nicer to live with if I just slowed down a bit.

  4. I commend you. I was about to lose it just from reading... I don't think I would have kept my cool!

  5. I seldom have trouble getting my daughter moving for school. She is as much a morning person as I am. However, My wife makes us late for most things. It drives me nuts.

    Walking into an Easter service one year with only 20 mins left was pretty stressful. And you know there were no seats left that day.