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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites

After my birthday dinner at Red Lobster last Friday I came home and changed right into my pajamas, just as I said I would and just after I got completely unpresentable and settled in on the couch, Dracen decided to play photographer and take some "birthday photos" of me and the Darlings. He even went into the kitchen for a  glob of peanut butter that he told me to put on my nose for Brisco to lick off so he could get a funny shot. I don't think I have to tell you that that did not happen. 

So he moved onto Lucky who was minding his own and sleeping peacefully in the sunroom. I had no idea that he was using props until he came in and started showing me his work on the display screen of the camera. All three dogs ended up having their mug shots taken while wearing this getup but the one of Lucky cracked me up the most, making it my first favorite for this week...

Laid Back...way back
Never a dull moment when 
Dray's in the house

I bought a crochet cardigan 
 similar to this at Belk recently
and I am loving it in this ensemble.

Honest Mistake
I know I shared this on my facebook
page the other day but it just
cracks me up and
pretty much sums up my feelings on running.

I don't know what it is about these
little funky shoes but 
they just drew me right in.

I'm looking to get rid of my big, bulky
leather recliner sofa and loveseat
and replace them with a cozy
sofa and maybe two comfy chairs.
Maybe something similar to this...

I'm a Cornball
but I know you laughed.

Ain't it the truth?

They're Real!
I had never heard of this brand
of mascara before but I got
it as a free sample from 
Sephora a couple of weeks ago
and am absolutely loving it.


Be Yourself

Little Troublemaker
So we watched Django Unchained last weekend
and this is now one of my all-time
favorite movie scenes...
I've been quoting Django (Jamie Foxx)all week.

Hope y'all have a great weekend,

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  1. Love the rolls at Red Lobster.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Django is watching to be watch here. I just need to stay awake long enough one night lol

    Cute post! Happy birthday to you!


  3. lol that should have been waiting to be watched...
    That is what I get commenting and not previewing it lol

  4. I lived the clothes and room! Horse joke is way to funny!

  5. I"m not a big fan of over-sized leather furniture, especially the ones with recliners in them...umm... NO! (Can you guess what a certain someone has in his living room in mircofiber suede and even worse, what his ex bought to replace that one she let him have in 2012?) I have a sofa and one chair (because that's what I have room for). They are so much more comfortable (and versatile) than the over-sized stuff!

  6. No peanut butter on the face? hee hee
    I saw some shoes that were almost like that but they were Toms. I should have bought them!

  7. Your kids and dogs are too cute.
    LOVE the outfit!
    I'm cracking up at the RUM graphic. SO me!!
    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!!