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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favorites

Is it just me or has this week been extra long?  The week after a break always seems to drag on to me but the warmer weather has done wonders for my spirit. I was beginning to feel a little mopey. I'm just hoping a certain fourth grader who lives in my house is in a better mood when I pick him up from school today because it was one of those sweet-Lord-in-heaven-please-give-me-an-extra-dose-of-patience-right-this-very-minute kind of mornings. 

But at least it is finally Friday which means it's time to share a few things that made me happy this week...

Never leave home without it
I could not find an original source for this so
your guess is as good as mine but it reminded
me of my childhood bff and her duck, Lily.

Jennifer and Lily,
Charmagne and Me (rockin the perm),
and my little brother, Danny
(circa 1980something)

Party vs. Meeting
I could not agree more...

via Pinterest

Let's do lunch (in Italy)
This looks like the perfect place.
Care to join me?
(original source not found) 

Or perhaps you'd prefer Bora Bora...

Catch me!
Now this is my kind of funny.

Fishtail braided belt
I don't wear belts that often
but this turquoise one from
calling my name for some reason.
It comes in a light tan color too.

This is seriously making me want
to paint my sunroom furniture
duck egg blue.
But then I'd have to get new cushions
and paint the walls...

Boy's Room
And this makes me want to redecorate
Dracen's room but I'll need a shovel
and backhoe to clear it out first. I told him 
the other day it's beginning to look
a lot like an episode of Hoarders in there.
(notice the Dachsie on the wall?)

One day at a time
I adopted this motto years ago
and am still reminded of it often.

Sexy Tractor
Charlie recently bought a tractor
for the company. It came home last
weekend so he could use it to pull up some old
scraggly bushes. Dracen had just got back
from ball practice when I realized he was missing.
I looked out the window to see him driving the
tractor so I grabbed my sexy zoom lens
and snapped a few photos...

And the song, of course...

Happy Weekend, 

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  1. YES I would love to have lunch in Italy. Yum.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that song. :) Thing about braided belts are that when they get to the middle of your back, they flex where, you know, the butt/back gap is. So there's way less wear and tear on the belt and there's less of your undies showing when the gap inevitably happens. :)

  3. I was singing the song before I scrolled down and saw you'd included it!

    Finally, you included something I already pinned... except maybe that was on my "real' account, so you didn't know that!

    I LOVE the belt.

    The family Swan... never leave home without it....

  4. How true is that quote about a cake. I'd even take cup cakes...or chips...or deep fried pickles. Don't judge.

  5. I love your fragment posts! They always make me laugh:). The goose photo is hilarious!