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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites...I'm 21 again!

I always start mentally preparing myself for the age I'm about to turn two or three months before my birthday. It's not something I do consciously, rather something that just naturally happens. It hit me a few weeks ago that I would be turning 21 for a second time this That is all kinds of crazy surreal and it is so true that the older we get, the faster time goes.

Devin told me this morning that I'm old (he's such a charmer, that one) and to him, I suppose I am. I woke up from the most bizarre dream a couple of mornings ago in which I discovered that I was turning 70, only I still looked exactly the same and no time had passed and I was so very confused when the realization hit me. Yeah, I don't even know what to make of that one but I don't feel anywhere near 70, or even 42. Most days I don't feel a day over 25...okay, 30...ish. 

My first 21st birthday was on Easter Sunday so I couldn't really rip it up like I'd hoped and in 21 years retrospect, that was probably a good thing. I suppose I could paint the town red and dance on the tables tonight if I really wanted to but maybe Devin's right about me being old because my idea of a good birthday now consists of going to Red Lobster for my favorite coconut shrimp bites and shrimp scampi and then coming home, changing into pj's, and watching a movie on the comfort of my own couch. Django is supposed to arrive from Netflix today and I've been a Quentin Tarantino fan since Darin and I first watched Pulp Fiction back in the 90's. It's that whole warped sense of humor thing, which brings me to my first two favorites for this week...
Cracks me up!
I first saw this years ago and just
came across it again on Pinterest...
Still just as funny today.

Wi-fi in heaven?

Always makes me smile
My little buddy showed up again Sunday.
I think he likes to have his picture taken.

Shoe Lust
By Stuart Weitzman at Nordstrom
Way too pricey for my blood
but shoe lusting is still free, right?

Introverts Unite
I  think I need this for my birthday.

Birthday lunch in Paris?
Maybe someday.
original source not found

I saw this awhile back and have
been thinking about ordering it
because when you ring my doorbell,
the barking is so loud 
you'd think we had 20 dogs instead of 3.
And only two of them bark.

I've always believed this

When I was really 21
Or maybe I was 22.
My memory is starting to fade...
(But don't tell Devin)

  Birthday Song
So I was going to put 50 Cent's In Da Club 
here but then I played it and remembered
the lyrics and since I try to keep this blog
PG-13, I decided to stick with The Beatles.
(Yes, I'm a 50 fan. I'm just full of surprises)

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    We are doing life cycles at school right now and we made our own this week. I told the kids I was 36 and they were all "We thought you were like 20-something!" Twice in one week I've been told I"m young. It's a good week! :-)

    I just got two new pairs of platform flip flops from 6 pm .com. They had a $30 a pair sale this week.

  2. My kids tell me I'm old. I agree with them some days:). But, other days when I do a tough crossFit work out or train for a half marathon.... I think... I might be old, but I'm tough:)!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I will be turning 39 this year... or 29 with 10 years experience. In the end, it really is just a number.

  4. That is so true. My nickname in high school (yes I was an underage drinker...but what else were we supposed to do in the country?) was puke because I couldn't hold my booze. When I turned 19 (legal age in Canada) it got worse.
    Now? 30 something something...I am excited to get ice cream. Oh how the tables turn.
    That hair is rocking.

  5. Happy happy birthday!

    This was so entertaining, turning 21 on Easter Sunday would definitely be difficult to work with! Good thing that only happens once in a lifetime.

  6. I'd like a birthday lunch in Paris.

    Happy Birthday!

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