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Monday, February 25, 2013

What Was I Thinking?

For this week's Monday Listicles we're talking about those purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time but didn't turn out quite the way we'd envisioned, leaving us shaking our heads and  wondering what on earth possessed us to spend our money on. Here are ten that come to mind (though given enough time, I'm sure I could list a hundred)...

1. Airsoft Guns. I know my sons so why I let them have these at the time is beyond me. They shot the floodlights out. On purpose.

2. Jeggings. The Christmas before last I was out shopping when I saw these. I had been wanting to try a pair but these were in packages like tights come in so I couldn't try them on. I went ahead and bought them anyway. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. (Name that movie) The foot opening was so tiny I could barely fit my big toe in. And of course I never got around to returning them so eventually they went to the Salvation Army. And then somehow Conan O'Brien ended up with them. 

3. Five Pound Chocolate Bar. Actually Dracen bought this with his very own money in Hershey, Pennsylvania last year which he promptly tore the entire wrapper off of as soon as we got back to the hotel. It sat in a bag on the kitchen counter for months before I finally chunked it.

4. Fondue Pot. For the 5 lb chocolate bar. I couldn't just let that thing go to waste so I ordered a fondue pot from Amazon so we could make fondue out of it. Obviously we never made the fondue and now the fondue pot sits in the unopened box in the garage which is why I never pass by a fondue recipe on Pinterest without pinning it. Because one of these days...

5. Bonus Room Furniture. Not that I didn't like the furniture because I did/do like the furniture.Very much. But after waiting on its arrival for weeks and weeks, we quickly realized that it was not, under any circumstance, going to fit through that smaller than average door leading up to the bonus room. So it was either leave it in the garage with the car or cut another door in the wall. We got us a new door.

6. Matching Peach Rompers with Matching Peach Hair Bows. My BFF and I did this in the tenth grade (1986) and then wore them to school on the very same day (yes, on purpose).  I don't think I have to tell you how that went over. 

7. Garfield Collection. Okay, so I didn't actually buy them for myself but I requested that they be bought for me. For years. I had a Garfield hoarding problem. I found this old pic with some of them in the background. This is the same BFF from number 6, a few years after the peach romper incident. That's me with the hair and hippie head band. Peace, man
8. Strawberry Nesquik. I was all about my chocolate Nesquik when I was a kid. It was the only way I'd drink my milk. Sometime during my childhood our grocery store started carrying the strawberry flavor and I begged my mom for it and although she tried to warn me, we bought it anyway. I got the worst belly ache I'd ever had in my life and to this day I cannot stomach the thought of strawberry milk. Dracen got some Strawberry Mini-wheats last week and I can't even go there.  

9.Tiny LEGOs. Because we have all, as parents, stepped on those little b*tches with our bare feet too many times to count. I'm pretty sure it was in those moments that my boys heard their first four letter words...right outta mama's mouth. 

10. Leather Sky-high Wedges. I ordered these online the summer before last. I wore them precisely once. I rate the pain right up there with stepping on LEGOs. I'm not sure my toes have completely forgiven me yet.

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  1. I won a five pound chocolate bar. It took a chisel and hammer to break it apart into manageable pieces that then filled my freezer for any months. Finally finished eating it many months later.

  2. I was never a fan of strawberry milk, either. I just purchased a pair of wedges very similar to yours...I hope they don't kill my feet!

  3. Fun post - and those LEGO´s, gaaah! :-D

  4. I once sent an ex a picture text that said "I hope you step on a Lego". It wasn't a bad breakup so we both found it funny!! :P
    I LOVED Garfield back in the day and had a few of those same stuffies!

    1. hahaha REALLY? That is hysterical. Kerry B (new2two)

  5. hahahahahA!! i love conan! HYSTERICAL and I know a lot of people don't like him but I think him and his crew is a riot.
    (Pretty Woman-best part of the movie)
    oh I dislike legos!!!!
    Kerry B (new2two)

  6. Hey, I was in the 10th grade in 1986! So based on style you and your BFF look familiar! I had to scroll quickly by #8, I didn't even read it because barf was rising up in the back of my throat. LOL! And I've never heard of jeggings. Man you'd have to have some seriously skinny everything to pull those off and I mean that in every sense.

  7. It's funny you mentioned that chocolate bar because I totally wondered if it got eaten. I'm kinda impressed with your idea of melting it so as not to let it go to waste,but I'm a little less impressed with you that it didn't happen. LOL!!!

    You have some funny purchases here!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA, what is with the legos?! I now throw away every single one I step on. They are evil :-(

    I am glad you warned me about the air soft guns. We have actually looked at those before.

    I can name the movie: Pretty Woman!! It's when she cruises back through the snubbing shop with arms full of purchases. Awesome!!

  9. Hahahahahaha! You crack me up! Love that your boys shot out the flood lights. On purpose. Same thing happened with my brothers when we were growing up. I, of course, was NOT part of that. ;) The fondue pots (yep, plural) and the Strawberry quick---I've been down those roads. The fondue pots are still here. Unused. Taking up space. Good grief. LOL

  10. Okay, the movie is Pretty Woman! Your post made me chuckle for sure. Jeggings are awful, fondue pots are a pain to maintain and whoever thought wedges would be more comfortable than heels has apparently never sprained their ankle!! For me...the stuffed animals are such a waste. The boys enjoy a few "buddies" and then the rest collect dust! I also refuse to buy a bunch of candy and junk on ahem, V-day, Easter, etc. because no matter who says what...KIDS are OUT of CONTROL when they have too much sugar. Plus, it just means future trips to the dentist that I don't want to pay for, thank you! I am just now venturing into the lego realm and now I can say I have been warned! LOL, love the post!

  11. That is a huge chocolate bar…I would totally buy one if it came with almonds. And….I've always wanted a fondue pot, then I could save my money and not pine over a trip to the Melting Pot. If I hear my Mom tell me one more time about how much fun she had with hers many, many many years ago…I'm going to scream.

    I never did get into the Strawberry Quik trend, but I did love Tang.

    Legos do hurt…badly, but Matchbox cars are small deathtraps on wheels.

    I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

    Have a great day!

  12. I used to wear five-inch leather wedge sandals when I was in 9th and 10th grade. I'm short, so I thought it made me seem so much taller! Now I never wear a heel over 2 inches.

    Thanks for the laughs--this was a great list!

  13. The matching peach rompers - priceless! That's a memory that will stick with you for a lifetime ;-)

  14. So when we are in Hershey this May I should not let Youngest buy the ginormous chocolate bar? Because he's saving his money for it...

  15. I had a Garfield collection too which is quite odd since I DO NOT like cats! The matchign peach bff bows made me laugh! I was just thinking about my peach and seafoam green bedroom....ahh the 80s!

  16. This is a great list! The jeggings are hilarious!! Strawberry Nesquik - nasty. We have some right now. My kids like it. I miss those metal cans. I can't wear heals. Those are so pretty, but they would kill my feet too.

  17. I loved the Bonus Room story!

    My Junior Prom dress was peach with a bow although the bow was on my dress and not in my hair.

  18. LOL! I love this post! The jeggings are hilarious, and that movie...Pretty Woman, of course! I hate having buyers' remorse. I bought living room furniture once, and when it was delivered, I hated it! It made me so sick to my stomach, but I finally decided it was worth ANOTHER delivery charge to return it!

  19. Oh Legos...Legos...
    I had a troll hoarding problem. Weird looking things. I bet that the person who opened that bag at the Goodwill shuddered a bit.
    I have cankles so I did not want jeggings. But my sister egged me on to try a pair and I actually like them.

  20. I bet if you step on lego with those wedges they would brake ;) I had an alf hoarding problem....

  21. Marshmellow shooters would be on my list. We found them all over the playroom.... A long time after the marshmallow shooters "disappeared":).