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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

I think he's imagining himself cruising down the
highway in a red convertible. Probably a classic Mustang.
Or T-Bird.

Free People Top
I am in love with this...comes in four colors. 

Vintage Valentine
This seller on etsy has several for sale but of course,
this Dachsie one is my favorite.

I laughed so hard.

Cottage Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Almost makes me want to paint mine.

Color me Green
I read that this is the color in spring fashion this year and
it is already popping up everywhere.  I'm loving it in this outfit from Garnet Hill.

A Favorite Treat
Microwaved M&M's. It's the only way to eat them. 
 30 seconds usually gets them just right,
with the chocolate warm (not hot)
 and the candy shells still crunchy around them.
It's a quarter cup of two hundred ten calories of heaven.

Wise Words
I think Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were kinda
saying the same thing though, right?

If the Shoe fits...
These Nine West flats practically called my
 name from the TJMaxx shelf the other day. 
 It was truly love at first sight.
How could I just walk away?
I couldn't.

New Music
They just released their first album a couple of weeks ago.
Very soulful.
So far, I think this song is my favorite...

Happy Friday, 

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  1. I avoid shoes that talk to me.

    But the blue cabinets are gorgeous.

  2. My daughter loves Free People. Its too expensive for me :) I only buy it on clearance. Have a good weekend!

  3. My daughter loves Free People too. Shoes often call my name : ) The dog picture is too funny! Have a great weekend!

  4. I really wish I could pull off wearing the color green, but it makes me look sickly! Super cute shoes! I have never heard of the Free People brand, but I'll definitely have to check it out!

  5. I had no idea M&M's were so delicious heated up slightly. You're gonna get me in trouble. And if you'd walked away from those shoes, that would have been super wrong!

  6. Mmmm warm M&Ms... I had no idea.

  7. Oh my...the ecard... I almost peed. That is fabulous and totally something I might say to you!

    I've always been more of a tailored dresser, but I'm loving the flowy tops of late... I had to resist repinning all the ones you pinned.

  8. Oh mmmmm. There is nothing better than WARM chocolate. Another fave of ours - throw peanut m & m's in your hot buttered popcorn. The popcorn makes them nice and warm and the salt/sweet combo is HEAVENLY!!!
    I'm saving the date for your cat's wedding.