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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Just Because
The description said, "Llama in New York City, 1957".
I don't know why it cracks me up so much. It just does.

Lace Hoodie
I came across this at Anthropologie
I never before thought, "You knowI'd really love to have me a lace hoodie"
because who knew? But now I want one. It comes in blue too. 

Garden Rabbit
For reasons beyond my own comprehension, I've
been coveting garden rabbits for the past two or three years but haven't found the one. 
I came across this one the other day and while I like him a lot, I haven't yet been able to commit. 
Apparently I have some garden rabbit commitment issues that I need to work out.

Dogs vs. Cats
This just cracked me right up.
Because you know it's true.

Giant Snowflakes
Last Saturday afternoon we had a few hours of an off
and on snowfall that produced some of the biggest flakes I've ever seen.  
There was really no accumulation 
to speak of but it was beautiful to watch.
I've always found such a quiet peacefulness in falling snow. 

by Nicole Krauss
I bought a few books for a dollar a piece at a thrift store awhile back and I started reading this one a couple of days ago. I'm over halfway finished and so far, I'd give it a thumbs up. 

by John Green 
I read this one on the Kindle Monday after seeing a quote 
from it on Pinterest, "That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt."  
It's Young Adult Fiction but a beautiful (and tear-jerking) read. 

Whimsy Motifs Top
Is there anything at Anthropologie I would not like to see
in my closet? (that's a rhetorical question, by the way)
This comes in five different colors and each color has 
a different pattern on the back. LOVE.

I've been holding out on trying the Greek yogurt because
I just really didn't see me trading in my Yoplait for a yogurt with the thickness of sour cream. But I was wrong because Oikos has a new fan. The pineapple and black cherry fruit on the bottom are my favorites so far. 

Song of the Week
For whatever reason, this has been the song I've listened
to the most this week. I love hearing Siri say, "O-kay.Let's.hear.Son.of.a.Preach-er.Man."
Play it, Siri!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love the lace hoodie. I would wear that its so pretty and feminine.

  2. It is lovely and peaceful when it snows. We just got pounded by it. I went to go and help Chunky wipe what he calls "mud butt" and when I returned to the kitchen, we had about 2 inches. No lie.
    I've been coveting garden gnomes. Shawn won't let me. I think he's scared of him. Vagina.

  3. Love the big snowflakes. :) As messy as the snow is, and as over it as I am.... it's still beautiful.

    We'll see if I still feel the same after this weekend's storm. :)

  4. That llama pic is hysterical!
    I love the hoodie, and the snow pics. To look at, I have no interest in experiencing it though. lol
    I LOVE buying books at the thrift store!
    You HAVE to try greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. AMAZING!!

  5. I repinned your hoodie. I used to have a similar one that finally went to goodwill. I'd LOVE to replace it!

    I LOVE greek yogurt...truly. My favorites are the non-stir key lime and vanilla... also what Cyndy said.

    We got that storm as well. It was such a pretty snowfall.

  6. You'll have to let us know when you finally commit to the rabbit! Love, love the lace hoodie and I have about 6 Chobani in my fridge too! :)

  7. I promise this is true! In our local paper around the same time, there was an animal on the loose. I can't remember but I think it was a llama or something like that running around town? Wtheck?