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Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Today I'm trying something new...Each Friday I will simply put together and share a collection of neat things that inspired me, amused me, or struck my fancy throughout the current week, much the way I used to do with Fancy Friday, only it won't just be limited to fashion finds.  I'm excited!  Hope y'all enjoy...

I just love everything about this...
the setting (always have had a thing for lighthouses), the jeans, the hat, the jacket...just ALL of it! 

Relatable Quote
Cracked me up.

Beaded Bracelet
The turquoise, the leather, the red, the flower...
What is not to love about this?

Beautiful Room
There is something so serene and calming about this bedroom.
Makes me want to redecorate mine...again!

This outfit made me wonder why I don't ever wear this
color combination because hello, blue and gray!

I threw this easy cherry cobbler together Sunday evening from 
a recipe I found here.  I had a little, Charlie had a little,
and the boys  Yummm...

Big Smile!
The cuteness of this Dachsie pup dang near overwhelmed me...

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy!
I'm currently reading about five different books but I think I'm getting the most validation out of this one.  I highly
recommend it for parents of teens or soon to be teens! 

Funny (but serious) Fashion Advice

An Old Song
This came on the XM 70's channel in the car yesterday
morning and though I had not heard it in I don't even know
how many years, the words came right back to me and I couldn't help but crank it up and sing along.

Happy weekend,

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  1. Oh I need that book especially lately!

  2. Amazing how the words to those old songs come back like it was yesterday.

    Was a great song back in the day too.

  3. Love the blue and grey combination! That cherry cobbler looks gorgeous:)

  4. That Tim Gunn is a pretty savvy guy.

  5. That blue and grey combination is so pretty. I also love that bracelet.

  6. I used to sit in my bedroom as a teenager and sing along with Bread into my cassette recorder. We made one awesome pairing, let me tell ya! That bracelet is so pretty and that bedroom leaves me feeling very envious that mine doesn't look like it.

  7. You could SO link this at Friday Fragments over at Mrs. 4444's place - - - this is EXACTLY what we do for FF's.

    Click over to my blog and from there you can follow the link to Mrs. 4444's place. We'll LOVE having you join the partay!

  8. LOVE the bedroom. Something about blue and browns are so soothing. And THANK YOU so much for your donation! We are slowly working our way there. I was talking to two of the women at the boy's school today and some how we ended up with a school wide fundraiser in March, so hopefully that will help as well! :)

  9. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved Western jewelry. I think it started because I bought pieces starting at a young age. Now I have TONS! There's this gal on Project Runway who wears it all the time and I have so many similar items to hers, but the ones she has that I don't, I want!

  10. I got nervous when this popped up in my feed. I thought, "Oh no, Diane is doing those dang fashion posts again. This is going to hurt my pocketbook!" I like this... not nearly so damaging, but I do think I repinned both the blue and gray and they bedroom pins! :-)

  11. One of my best nights was long, long ago when I went on a cross country trip with someone who was practically a stranger to me (I was really, really young, really stupid and really lucky)...

    We spent one night sitting up next to each other eating room service sandwiches and singing Bread's song, "Aubrey" for a very long time.

    It's the sort of stuff you do when you are young, unattached and a little crazy. And if my daughter if does this....I will be so pissed off.

  12. Reminds me of Friday Fragments - I like!
    I love the reading quote and the dress/top quote - lol!