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Monday, January 28, 2013

When I Grow Up...

I don't ever recall feeling certain of any one thing I wanted to do with my life when I grew up (unless you count Solid Gold Dancer) or even after I grew up so why exactly I chose to retain a memory from the first grade (1977 or '78) of the teacher giving us the assignment to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up is beyond me. Probably because we were only given a handful of options.  

She and the assistant had these templates of faces they passed out for us to trace onto drawing paper, color and then hang in the classroom.  The boys got to choose from things like policeman or doctor while our options included a nurse or a teacher.  There may have been more, I can't recall.  What I do recall is not wanting to be any of them.  I resented the entire assignment. 

I was six for crying out loud!  How was I supposed to know with certainty (I was very literal) what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!  It was too much pressure. So I thought of what my mother did.  I knew she worked in an office but really had no idea what her job description was or what all it entailed.  I think I just assumed any woman who worked in an office was a secretary so I told them I wanted to be a secretary though I really had no desire whatsoever to ever actually be a secretary. 

The teacher's assistant was stumped, this I remember.  Because she then had a conversation with the teacher about which template to give me. I think they gave me the nurse and had me leave off her little nursing hat. 

Anyway, that's the memory that rushed to the front when I first saw the Listicles topic for today, 10 Things You Thought As A Child You Would Do/Be.  Then I thought about it a little more and here are a few childhood dreams that came to mind...  

1. Solid Gold Dancer.  I was dead serious about this one.   

2. Veterinarian. Aways did love the critters but I think I always knew in my heart that I did not have the stomach for any career involving bodily fluids and needles. 

3. Zookeeper. Somehow I thought this one would be less messy.  Then I thought of elephant poop.

4. Samantha Stevens.   Bewitched was one of my most favorite shows on t.v. and I actually thought that if I could just learn to twitch my nose precisely the way Sam did, I could one day rule the world.  Or at least just never, ever have to clean my room again.  

5. Actress.  I was always so shy yet I often dreamed of one day seeing my face up on the big screen.  

6. Jeannie.  I Dream of Jeannie was right up there with Bewitched so I thought that if I couldn't be Samantha, I'd settle for Jeannie.  I think I mostly just wanted the ability to pop in and out of that awesome pad she had inside that little bottle.  

7. Librarian. How did the same girl who aspired to be a Solid Gold Dancer also think she might like to be a librarian?  I can't say but I do remember having this thought more than once.  Books were always like magic to me.  

8. Artist.  And by artist I think I just wanted to be able to paint and draw well but no matter how much I practiced my hand at it, I finally came to the realization that this was just not one of my God-given talents.  Pfft.

9. Singer. The was a dream from the moment I heard and watched Olivia Newton-John singing and getting her groove on in Grease. I had the album and I practiced. A lot. Unfortunately, this one went much like number 8.  Sigh.

10. Wonder Woman. Was there a little girl alive in the 70's who didn't fantasize about this?  

And some dreams never die...

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  1. I love your list! Solid Gold dancers were awesome! I was also a huge fan of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. And Grease. You are the second person who said she wanted to be a librarian. I wanted to work in a book store, where no one's grubby fingers got all over that new book look and smell.

  2. Our daughter told us when she grew up she wanted to dance on tables in restaurants. Thankfully this did not come to pass.

    When I was young we visited my grandparants who lived on Lake Lure. Someone there asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. All I knew was what my dad did so I said I wanted to be an "employee".

  3. Wonder Woman. I was a bit older than you and I remember doing to dances with a gold lame' headband wrapped around my brunette head. Inspired by Linda Carter I'm sure. And who didn't love Jeannie?

  4. There is a Best of Solid Gold special on tv this week. I will now have to watch just to see the dancers and picture you there.

  5. This is the third Wonder Woman I've seen today. I didn't want to be her, but I SO wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer AND "Sandy" in Grease. I used to practice all the time singing and dancing to my record. I wore that sucker out. I think I still have it in my garage. I remember coming out of the movie theater when I saw it, dancing down the sidewalk. I was 7. LOVED it.
    Wasn't it funny how the SG dancers would slow their dances into a stop and the lights would dim. Kind of freaky.

  6. Girl...I STILL want to be a Solid Gold Dancer! ;)

  7. I loved Wonder Woman and Bewitched! Two of my favorites by far. I wanted to be an astronaut, but I settled for being a Mom. It's like walking among aliens every day! Great post!

  8. Ah, but aren't we all some sort of Wonder Woman?

  9. I wanted to be a that had lots of colored socks and ankles that popped when you walked. Crazy, right?

  10. Actress and Singer both made it on my list, too. And teacher. :)

  11. I've never seen Solid Gold. I'm going to look it up on Youtube right now!

  12. I found myself totally loving the Solid Gold Dancers costumes. Even as a little kid, I had the taste of a flamboyant drag queen. And I had the same idea of wanting to be a librarian or teacher. Drag Queen--Teacher--Librarian. Can you imagine? ha ha I actually became a hairstylist, so I fulfilled my need for style. Great list btw.

  13. Haha--what a trip down memory lane! Solid Gold Dancers, Samantha, and Jeannie! I always felt sorry for Jeannie because she would get put in her bottle--and I thought Larry Hagman's character was a jerk to her.

  14. ROFL, Solid Gold Dancer, I remember those. Samantha and Jeannie too. I wanted to be Larry Hagman's character and have my own genie. Great list.