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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fragments

~I finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time in my life last week and loved it so much that I am now wondering how in the word I managed to miss out on it all these many years.  And I don't even consider myself a wallpaper kind of person but fell right in love with that damask wallpaper in Paul's apartment and have been contemplating the idea of it somewhere in my house ever since.


~Wednesday night I realized it was getting late and I had not reminded (a.k.a. threatened within an inch of his life) Devin to do his homework so Charlie walked down the hall and opened his bedroom door to tell him to do it, fully expecting to find him kicked back on the XBox.  But lo and behold, the boy was actually doing his homework!  On his own. Without being told. It was truly a stop the presses! kind of moment that I felt deserved to be retold and put down in print because who knows when or if the likes of it will ever come my way again. 


~I've wanted to check out a Trader Joe's since a long forever but had never gotten around to it since the closest ones are in Charlotte and driving two hours round trip for the sake of buying groceries has never appealed to me enough to actually follow through with it. But last Saturday Charlie and I were in Charlotte so we stopped in one. 

Although we went to the one uptown which was so slam arse packed to the gills  with people I started feeling all agoraphobic-like, we did come away with a buggy full of stuff, none of which has been a disappointment. It has all, in fact, tasted so amazingly delicious and came at such a surprisingly reasonable price that I am now really sad that we don't have one closer to us.  There are perks to small town living but diverse grocery options are unfortunately not among them.  


~A couple of years ago I bought an old, vintage, rotary phone for my kitchen at an antiques store.  It worked and everything.  Until Dracen, forgetting that he couldn't walk around the house while talking on it, pulled it off the counter one too many times.  

It was black though I had really wanted a red one, which are harder to come by. But I finally found a working one in excellent condition and have been giddy about  it all week.  Always have been a sucker for nostalgia.  Makes me happy.  

~I bought both the boys a couple of t-shirts in Ross yesterday.  You can find some really cool, brand name stuff  for great prices in there if you have the time and patience to paw through it. I took a chance on buying Dracen a green one with the picture of a gorilla face wearing shades on the front of it since his big brother's favorite shirt that he asked for and received for Christmas has a giant ape wearing a dunce hat and smoking a cigar on the front of it (my kids are weird...I have no idea where they get it).  

I was right since he said to me, "Finally, you figured out what kind of clothes I like!". And it only took me nine and a half years to do it.  Score!


~A few of my most recent favorite pins...

I am truly a parent.

Smart tree.

I can't even allow my mind to go there.


Happy Weekend,

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  1. I have never seen that movie! Maybe I should - I think I would like the old movies but never seem to get a chance to actually watch them.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I know you're not asking for an opinion, but that "Breakfast at Tiffany s" wallpaper and that red phone would be super somewhere in your home!! The contrast and the ambiance would be a great combination.

    LOVED that movie. And the music. And "Cat" ...poor kitty in the rain made me bawl like a baby.

  3. I spoke with a guy that works in Trader Joes Marketing. They are building one in Asheville. Not sure if that is closer or not but it is another option for you.

    I've never been to one though I drive by one every day.

  4. Great frags. I love the red phone. I know of places in my country where those phones are not considered vintage, but just everyday working phones. I spotted a turquoise one a few years ago that I would have loved to have called my own.

  5. There is something magical about rotary phones. I really like them too.

  6. We used to have a rotary phone like that in a horrifyingly ugly olive green color. Your red one is much prettier! Now I'm gonna have to check out Trader Joe's next time I'm in CLT also!

  7. You make great frags!

    BTW - I took your advice and watched "New in Town" last night. It was very funny.

    I think they got "our" accent quite exaggerated, and we aren't quite they bumpkins they painted us to be - - - but the really did capture the "spirit" of living in the north on our frozen tundra!!!

    Thanks for mentioning it to me.

  8. I love Trader Joes. Sadly I live in tiny town too and we're stuck with one big, overpriced supermarket. My mom has one by her though so I can shop when I'm there.

    I love the old phone. My kids will never have the satisfaction of slamming down a receiver : )

    Visiting from Friday Frags and following your blog now. Have a great weekend!

  9. I would totally buy that phone too! Love the bright color of it!!!!

    I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's!! I bought it years ago along with My Fair Lady & havent watched either!

  10. I've never seen that movie, either. I'm thinking I ought to.

    Love. The. Red. Phone!

  11. I've never watched it either. I'll have to ad it with my list along with Gone with the Wind. I love Trader Joe's. We have two within 20 minutes. Did you get yourself some 3-Buck Chuck?

  12. i so agree with the spider pin...i was was invaded with wolfe crickets...don't like them either!

  13. I love your pin!! I was a bit irritated the first time we switched to a minivan from the sedan. I was unable to reach anything behind me :-(

    I love Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's a friendship movie for me :-) Oh and a sister movie. So glad you enjoyed it.

    I hope you remembered to breath again after discovering the homework being done. What a moment!!

  14. Oh, I want a rotary phone! I wish I had the one from my family home. We do have the one from my husband's grandmother's home.....not a rotary, a crank! I love that one! I had two boys that hated homework and it was always a struggle so bravo to him for doing it on his own!

  15. I went down into my son's room the other day and started lecturing him about how he'd NEVER get his report done if he didn't get working on it... to which he blankly looked at me, turned the computer around so I could see. He'd been typing away on it, finishing one page more than he needed, which the music played in the back ground.

    Well played, Oldest... well played.

  16. LOVE the phone!
    My Hunter watches old movies ALL.THE.TIME. He's probably seen Tiffany's 8000 times!
    We just got Trader Joe's in my town and I can't wait to check it out!