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Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Word

This morning went much better than I had anticipated.  The boys and I always revert back to our night owl tendencies when given the opportunity so I was downright fearful of how we'd fair this morning when that alarm clock went off before the sun had even bothered to make an appearance.  But I actually woke up five minutes before the alarm even went off which almost never happens and the boys barely gave me any resistance at all.  If this is any indication of how this year is going to go, 2013 may just be the best year ever.  Quick, where's some wood?  Knock-knock.

This is my third new year since beginning blogging and every year I read several posts from different bloggers in which they choose a word to focus on for that year.  I always enjoy reading them and think it's a great idea but have never been able to pick just one word because have you seen the size of that dictionary?  I have a hard enough time picking something off that four page menu at the Mexican restaurant.   How will I ever choose just ONE word to focus on for an entire year? 

So I thought about it...and thought about it...and thought about it some more...

The thing that kept coming back to me...the thing I think I struggle with and need to work on the most, is the art of letting go.  I worry way too much.  I overthink.  I obsess over every tiny little thing and imagine all the bad things that could possibly happen to me or heaven forbid, someone else I love.  After experiencing the unthinkable, I allowed the fear and what ifs? to consume me although I keep hearing God's whisper to trust Him, to have faith in Him, to turn my worries over to Him every morning and every night and to just get on with living and being in the moment.

So my word is PEACE.  I'm going to try my hardest to slow down, relax, breathe slower and deeper, to pause and silence my thoughts more often, and to just.stop.worrying.  Or at least just worry less. 

I'm a quiet person by nature but as Charlie once pointed out to me,  one doesn't have to look long at my face to notice the fact that my wheels are always turning.  And I suppose that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if I was thinking of something productive, like how to put an end to world hunger or fix our broken economy but more often than not, I'm just overthinking the small things or worrying about the possibility of bigger, badder things.

So yeah, I think I'm going with Peace. In other words, I'm going to try my best to lighten up and chill.the.heck.out. Because that's always a good thing, right?

Mama’s Losin’ It

Can you pick just one?

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  1. That's a great word! I know I could certainly stand to be a little more peaceful and not keep myself wound so tightly!

  2. that is a great word. My word for this year is RELAX!

  3. Peace--that's a good word, and a much needed sense for well-being. Have a good year. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  4. Yes. Peace is always a good thing. But man can it be any harder to find? Especially when the alarm clock is going off before the sun. We go back Monday. And I gotta say I'm not looking forward to it. Glad it went smoothly for you. Hoping I am as fortunate...

  5. Good choice. God does continually offer us His peace. But, boy is it hard to let go.

  6. And, we miraculously survived our first day back, today, too. If you forget the fact that instead of working out like I wanted to, I was home nursing my pink eye!

  7. I love your word. And I agree it is hard to sum up everything in just one word. :)

    I find myself desperately trying to hold off the seasonal depression that comes with this time of year... the ickyness of having money, knowing where it goes, but still not feeling like it's going to the right places, and of course... the dark all the time. Yuck. Tony also said that I need to stop thinking about these things, just let it go and just be...

    Maybe I should borrow your word.

  8. I love your word! I could use a little more peace in my life as well!

  9. I love, love, love your word for 2013. Happy New Year!

  10. It is a great word! I couldn't slow myself down enough to think about it!

  11. Even if I could pick just one word, I'd probably forget what it was. So I guess my word for 2013 should be REMEMBER. ha!