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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Humor Me

In an effort to get to know this teenager person my son has become I emailed him a list of questions that I found on a couple of different parenting sites that are supposed to help open up conversations with our teens.  I know he is a lot like me when it comes to expressing his emotions verbally so I thought that writing would be easier for him, as it is for me.  

After reminding him several times and fighting against some resistance on his part, he finally sat down on the couch and attempted to answer them last night and after much technical difficulty (why he insisted on using his iPod instead of the laptop is beyond me), the mission was accomplished. 

Well, sort of.  

I was not surprised by his answer to the question What do you think is the most important quality a person can have and why? which was 'funny'.  I get that and that is exactly what I thought he'd say.  Whenever I check out his facebook page, there is almost always a new post by someone (usually a girl) saying something about how funny he is or how he always makes her laugh in Social Studies, or how he can keep a straight face through anything.  (And I like to tell myself he got all that from me) 

He left a couple of the questions blank or answered them with 'idk' (I don't know) which was a little disappointing though not really surprising.  He is a thirteen year old boy, after all.   They aren't exactly known for their  excellent communication skills or thoughtful ponderings on life.

He was sitting across from me in the living room when I was reading his answers so I kept catching myself giving him that sideways look and saying things like "Really, Devin? One of the words you used to describe yourself is  'Free'?  'In the USA'?"  And he'd reply with, "Whut? I couldn't think of anything else to say."  

Yeah, my goal was clearly not going to be accomplished within this email correspondence and as hard as I tried, when I got to number 7 (there were 10 questions), I could no longer hold together my serious-and-concerned-authoritative mom composure any longer.  I lost it.  With an out loud belly laugh as I read his answer aloud to Charlie.     

The question was Is there something you wish I knew about you?  and truthfully, it was the one I was most anticipating a serious answer for, thinking it would give me a better insight of the goings-on behind that stoicism, convinced that his river must surely run deeper than the Nile (he is my kid, after all).  

Whether it does or not, I had clearly not used a long enough line because this is the answer I received: 

I need some more socks.  

I think Mr. Jimmy Buffet said it best...

"If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane."  

Still laughing,

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  1. I'm laughing here too. I didn't have boys but I can guarantee you that a teenage girl would not have given you that answer.

  2. That is hilarious! If that isn't a typical male response, I don't know what is! So much for opening the lines of communication, huh? ;)

  3. Pretty much my answer nowadays. That and a reversible belt.

    My daughter wrote a letter to my wife expressing her thoughts on why they dont get along. It worked out much better than a hair pulling knock down drag out I thought I saw coming.

  4. Isn't using humor as a coping mechanism a sign of intelligence? :-)


    I think it's awesome that you did this, regardless of the outcome. Our winter running challenge is coming to an end. Tony has been back out there running (just because) and the other day I asked Youngest if he wanted to go with him instead. He said "No. I like running with you. It gives us time together without Oldest butting in. Plus Tony runs too fast and sometimes he farts."

    Kids... got to love them.

  6. Love that! This is priceless. Better go sock shopping.

  7. I love your son's answer. Sounds like a typical teen age boy. Great post.

  8. Hahaha. That is so funny! I love teenage boys.

  9. That last punch line? Perfect in every way.

    I am so not wanting to wait until my kid is anywhere near a teen to ask these questions!