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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writer's Workshop....Dog Days

The boys and I have been having ourselves the laziest summer in the history of summers over here.  It may be a good thing that it is getting cut short with less than two weeks left now. That first week back is sure enough going to be one heck of a doozy though.  

Today, in an attempt to break out of my lazy blogging slump, I thought I'd participate in the Writer's Workshop but instead of following the directions and choosing one to write on, I'm going rogue and answering all the prompts, Q&A style...

1. Share one good thing you're looking forward to.  
I am very much looking forward to going back to the town I grew up in in Georgia over Labor Day weekend, staying with my dad, seeing family there and taking the boys to a Braves game.  I am almost embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I've been there but it was before either of my boys were born and seeing as how Devin just turned thirteen, I'd say it's way past time to show them where their Mama came from. 

I am also excited about going to the beach for a long weekend in October when the boys will have two teacher workdays in a row.   We are not taking a beach trip this summer so I thought it'd be nice to go when the weather is not quite so close to the boiling point a little milder.

2.  List 10 things that make you angry. (I'm going to stop at 5!)
1.  Backtalk from my offspring
2.  Dealing with incompetent or rude customer service people
3. Holier than thou attitudes
4. Oblivious drivers(the ones who pull out in front of me, nearly run me off the road by crossing the yellow line, don't use their turn signals...) and fellow shoppers (You know, the ones who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle and somehow don't seem to notice the fact that I'm trying to get through and then get pissy when I politely say "Excuse me"? Yeah, those ones.)  
5. Early mornings.  Did I mention school starts back in less than two weeks and I'll have to get up at 6:15 again?

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Hmm...I try not to get all down on myself but I suppose if I could change one thing, I would choose to improve my ability to appear less aloof, especially around new people but once an introvert always an introvert, I suppose.  

4. When was the last time you made something with your hands and what was it?  Last weekend I made these Snickerdoodle brownies from a recipe I got off Pinterest, of course. And let's just say, I was glad when they were gone because they were so incredibly scrumptious that the temptation was more than I could resist.  Best new recipe I've discovered in a long time! 

5. Write a post or poem inspired by the word: dreams.
Well, I'm not feeling a poem right now and clearly, not gonna write an entire post so I'll just share this quote that I think is so absolutely true because I think we all have dreams that make us wake up saying, "What the H*** was that all about"?!

Bonus Vlog Option...

6. Do you have a family pet?  Introduce him or to the internet in a video blog post.

Okay, I tried really, really hard to share a video I made a couple of days ago of Charlene Li'l Bit Darling the Dachshund "singing"  with me (though really it's more like a dying kind of yappish howling) and I have thrown in the towel.  I'm brand new to the world of iPhone and am apparently clueless as to how to transfer my videos onto the computer because I just experienced all kinds of technical difficulties.  I'll work on that.  

Instead I'll leave you with my latest photos that all pretty accurately depict how the three of them all of us have been spending the summer.  They don't call them "dog days" for nothing...

Brisco "Big Boy" Darling

Charlene "Li'l Bit" Darling

Lucky the Lemon Beagle Dog

And all together now...

The end.

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  1. Love your dogs! they have a good life like my dog, Tucker!!!

  2. That dreams poem is funny and your pics of your pooches are adorable. Glad to see that Lucky gets along with the wieners!

  3. Snickerdoodle brownies?! Be still my beating heart!

  4. I have had a busy summer and haven't kept up with my favorite blogs. Glad you and your boys enjoyed a lazy summer. Our summers with our kiddos are too few. Enjoy each one guilt free.

  5. My word! You hit them all! I'm impressed!

    We are headed to my hometown this week so I can visit my Grammy. I haven't been "home" since my sister's wedding last summer, which is a long time for us. The longer I'm down here, the less I want to go back... once my grandparents are gone, it will probably become even more rare.

    While I can't go to the beach for the Teacher workdays, because I have to, well, work, we always go in the spring and fall. I prefer it when it's less crowded!

  6. I hope we get to see you when you come to town!