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Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Sounds That Grate On My Nerves

Since I haven't participated in Monday Listicles in forever and ever and Stasha has suggested we make a list of ten sounds that annoy us, I just had to jump in.  I am a person who greatly cherishes quiet time so coming up with ten nerve-grating sounds should be no problem at all... 

1. Loud coffee sipping. There's just really no need, is there?  I once worked in an office with this off-the-charts crazy guy who every.single.morning. would sit down in his cubicle, just on the other side of mine, with his piping hot cup of coffee and begin sipping it so loudly you could hear him on the other side of the office. I have never been a fan of mornings so it was pretty much daily that I felt the overwhelming urge to get up, walk around the wall to his desk and drop kick that mug right out of his hands.  I can't hear loud coffee-sipping still today without thinking of him.  

2. Sounds the boys make when they're bored or restless. These consist of very loud and obnoxious sounds from their mouths, tap-tap-tapping their foot or some inanimate object at the table, screaming at each other and their friends on XBox Live, and the shouting out of ridiculous words and phrases that make absolutely no sense at all.  It's really a wonder I have even a thread of sanity left in me.  

3. The neighbor's incessant leaf-blowing.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs to work a leaf blower that dang much.  

4. Buzzing from flies. A fly in the house makes me a little insane. They're nasty, they're annoying, they freak out my dogs, and I cannot get any peace and serenity whatsoever with a fly in  the room which is why I have mastered the art of fly swatting.  

5. The sound of drilling. Especially if the drill is in my mouth!  

6. The clipping of toenails. I don't know what it is about this but it makes my skin crawl a little..  

7. Alarm clocks. It doesn't really matter what sound it's making.  If it's telling me to get up out of my cozy bed, I don't like it.    

8. Nagging. I don't care who's doing the nagging or who is being nagged, I CAN'T STAND IT! 

9. Music I don't like, especially in the car.  My musical taste is usually quite diverse but if I don't like a particular song, I really don't like it. The boys and I are constantly at odds on this subject. They think I'm so old school for listening to "that 80s stuff".  

10. Howard Stern's voice. 

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  1. funny I don't really like music in the car either. We recently got a new car with all these stations....I barely listen to them. FYI-My husband LOVES music! It would be going 24/7 in the house if I let him.

  2. What about the heavy sighs the children make when you ask them to do something?

  3. I couldn't agree more with your list! Toenail clipping is the worst!

  4. I don't mind toenails so much if it's in my household. Somehow it becomes gross when it's in a public place though. My neighbours seem to think that it is best to clip toenails out on their back porch. Not sure why they feel the need to do this from the second storey, so that most of the neighbourhood can see.

  5. Howard Stern annoys me too, so does Jay Leno's voice.

  6. Flies - and mosquitoes - are the absolute worst noises.

  7. Flies buzzing drive me "bonkers" alright!

    I used to feel the same about Howard Stern until he started on America's Got Talent this year. What can I say?!?!? ;P

  8. oh yes the buzzing...annoying for sure!!

  9. Flies and mosquitoes! Dogs barking, and your coffee sipping reminds me of how I don't like soup slurping!

  10. I cant drive without music in the car.

    I make a living out of using drills and air grinding tools. It sounds like a dentists office at times.

  11. Oh my, the buzzing of the flies or mosquitoes would drive me mad!!!

  12. Agree with #10. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (a talking head) is another voice that grates on me. Not her fault, poor thing, but I just have to mute her.

  13. I so hate loud sipping too.

    Or when people chew with their mouth wide open. I don't need to see what you've just consumed.

  14. I can't stand it when my kids slurp their cereal!

    Amen, to the coffee sipping, leaf blower, and Howard Stern's voice.