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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have you met her yet?

I finally took the plunge Sunday afternoon by switching from the old, faithful Blackberry to an iPhone and it is like a whole other world in here. As if I needed one more way to waste my time.  I spent pretty much my entire day yesterday trying to figure out how to customize my ringtone.  I don't know why. I'd never had one before.  But, dang it!  For some crazy reason I got it in my stubborn head that I wanted Prince's Raspberry Beret as a ringtone. 

What can I say?  I was an 80s girl and that song starts out with that catchy little beat followed by the ONE...TWO...ONE-TWO-THREE! One would not expect it to be that difficult and maybe for the experienced iPhone user it would not be but I had one helluva hard time figuring that mess out.  I watched tutorials, read "helpful" articles, installed two different ringtone-making apps but remained unsuccessful, frustrated and lost.  Very lost.  

I finally watched a truly helpful tutorial and thought I had it all figured out but for some stinkin' reason my Raspberry Beret was still not there.  So at that point I settled for Little Red Corvette which, don't get me wrong, is a good song and all but let's be honest, it just doesn't start out as catchy and upbeat as the other one and with a ringtone, it's really all about the beginning. Right?  Right.  So after taking a break from it for awhile, I got right back in there and tried again because!

And I am so happy to report that I now have Raspberry Beret  as a ringtone.  

I have also been getting acquainted with Siri.  If you haven't yet met her, you need to fix that real soon because she is all kinds of smart.  I'm talking really, really smart...Super SMART.  Yesterday I thought we were going to have a hard time since she seemed to be struggling a bit with my accent.  Southern accents have always confused the computer voices.  If you have one then you understand what I'm talking about. 

But just a few minutes ago I told her to remind me that Dracen, (pronounced Drayson for those of you who may have always wondered) has a doctor appointment Friday and no lie, I kid you not, she came back with her little reminder and I just about fell over when I saw that she had spelled his name correctly.  Now explain that.  I didn't tell her anything about Dracen and he is not in there as a contact since he is only nine and doesn't have a cell phone yet, (a fact he views as child neglect at its worst). 
I am now straight up impressed and I am rarely straight up impressed about anything.  Nobody ever spells Dracen right the first time and sometimes not even the tenth time.  That Siri is no average computer voice/robot/assistant/person.  She is more competent than the majority of living, breathing human sales and customer service reps that make me cringe each time I have to deal with.  It's bordering on creepy scary. 

A creepy scary I'm totally on board with.  Now if I can just get her to clean the house...

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  1. Maybe you should have had her set up your ringtone.

  2. Glad you like your iPhone! I heart mine too, but I don't use Siri. She doesn't understand a word I say. My husband says I mumble. Oh well. There are still plenty of other cool iPhone features to play with!

  3. I'm actually pretty darn impressed with that too!

  4. If it helps Dracen at all, my 15 year-olds don't have phones yet.

    We are shopping new phone service right now. SO I've looked at every phone in the world. 'Til I'm numb.

    We know an actual person with the name, Siri. A guy.

  5. Glad Siri is smart enough to spell Dracen!

    My ringtone is Soul Sister

  6. I reluctantly came over to the iphone side. Partly because I didn't know how to use any apps, but all my kids and hubby have itouches. It's basically the same idea.

    Siri gets on my last nerve. I have this stupid thing behind my front teeth from my braces so I have a lisp! You can't imagine how many times I have to repeat myself on it.

    My kids love it! They play with it all the time!