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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ceiling Fan Makeover

I never used to be one to sleep with a ceiling fan blowing on me.  I had one at the old house and the only time I ever remember using it was one summer when my a/c went out and maybe when I was pregnant.  So when we moved into this house a little over two years ago one of my first thoughts was that I had to start getting rid of the horribly awful and gawdy brass lighting fixtures/fans as soon as humanly (and financially) possible.  

Yet somehow I still had not gotten around to replacing the fugly ceiling fans in the living room and our bedroom.  My plan for the bedroom was to just get rid of the fan altogether and put a pretty chandelier in there but a few weeks ago I was so dang hot one night  (although the a/c was set on 72 and working just fine) that I, much to Charlie's delight, decided to turn the ceiling fan on. And went right to sleep.  So that's when I started thinking about maybe giving the ol' girl a makeover...
I had seen a few different ceiling fan makeovers online that pretty much all involved disassembling the fan completely and spray painting it.  That was a little more than I wanted to take on so I decided to try my favorite Annie Sloan chalk paint that I've used on several different pieces of furniture.

Monday evening Charlie removed the blades and took it down for me and I began the paint job.  I used French Linen mixed with a little Old White for the biggest part and then just the Old White for the blades.  I'm not going to lie, it was time consuming waiting for each little part to dry before I could turn it to do the other sides and then doing all that over again for the second coats. 

But I am thrilled with the end results...

I used the Elmer's glue and food coloring trick to tint four of the glass shades and bought the center one for less than 10 dollars at Lowe's...

I see it as win-win all the way around.  I saved money not buying a new chandelier and we get to keep the fan, minus the fugly.  

And to think I used to be so cold-natured at night that I slept with an electric blanket and a space heater. Gah! The mere thought of that now makes me break into a sweat.  Time definitely has a way of changing things like the regulation of body temperatures...and ceiling fans...

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  1. love this! I have a few ceiling fans that could use a makeover.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! You did such an amazing job! Your fan is FABULOUS!


  3. That looks fabulous! Love the tiled center light fixture. I would have never thought to do it in a different glass.

  4. A few years ago, I remember designers poo-pooing ceiling fans and telling everyone to get rid of them. But doggone it, those things make life more comfortable, so I kept mine too! And I sleep like a baby because I keep mine on. :) Your makeover looks great!

  5. I can never find a fan I want in my house when we shop. Maybe I could use this to turn a clearance fan into something that doesn't make me gag. Right now we have 1920s fixtures I'm afraid will burn the house down when they resign.

  6. very cute! it really did look outdated, but not now.

    we have ceiling fans in every room!

  7. Think different about your ceiling fan. Go bladeless.

  8. You did a great job! I love the change.

  9. oh wow..looks fabulous! good for you smile when you see it!!

  10. Very nice!

    It's well over 100 degrees here in Minneapolis. Thank heavens all the building are connected via skyway -- downtown, you don't have to go outside if you don't want to!


  11. I gave my ceiling a makeover, and only partially took it down. It was so worth it! Thanks for sharing :)