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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nine years ago today boy number two came into my world like a whirlwind and things haven't calmed down yet.  I've said it once and I'll say it again... If you ever hear talk of a tropical storm or hurricane by the name of Dracen, RUN! I've told Charlie that if it ever does happen, we're packing up all our valuables and heading as far west as the road will carry us.  

Seriously though, while he does possess more than his fair share of ideas, energy, and willpower, he is the icing on my cake.  I got that line from my mother-in-law, Pat.  She once used that analogy to describe to someone what it's like to have a second baby. You just love that first one so much that you wonder how it will ever be possible to love anyone or anything just as much.  But just like that, you do.  From their very first breath.

So just as I did in honor of his brother's birthday yesterday, I'm doing the same for him today by listing nine of my favorite Dracen stories...

1. Shortly after we brought him home from the hospital he somehow managed to pee on Darin, myself, Devin and Dexter the Dachsie, all in a single diaper change.

2. Once when he was really little and his big brother was sick (I think he had strep throat) he told me in his most serious voice that he really hoped we didn't have to put Devin down.  I think he had recently heard about someone having to do that with their dog.  I assured him that would not ever be necessary.  

3. He has always had more energy to burn than his brother and me put together and just really wore me down most days when he was a toddler.  Some days I had heard "Mom" so many times I thought I'd collapse if I heard it again..."Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom"...I'd finally say "WHAT, Dracen?!" and he'd come back with "I wuv you".  And my heart would melt every single time.  

4.  He was a little slow to warm up to Charlie in the beginning since he was only three years old when we started dating and was used to it just being the three of us.  But once when Charlie was really sick with a bad head cold or flu he took him an unopened can of chicken noodle soup and said, "Here Charwee, this'll make you feewl better".

5. We took Charlie's boat out to the lake once and when we passed a steam plant he asked us if that was where they make moons.  

6. I know I've told this story here before and I won't go so far as to say it's one of my "favorites" but it is definitely one of my most memorable.  He was very easy to potty train once he made up his mind about it but in the early stages he was impossible about peeing outside in inappropriate places.  I don't know what possessed him this day but I was sitting on the couch when he brought me a Happy Meal bag that he had peed in, leaving a trail of pee down the hallway.  I think I cried.  
7. He always fought sleep with an undying passion and would sometimes go so hard all day that he'd finally just lay his head over on the couch or a chair and fall asleep standing up.  

8. He told me awhile back that when he grows up he's going to have a regular job (he wants to be a Vet) but then on the side, he's going to help homeless people.  

9. Dracen is nothing if not determined and constantly amazes me with the tasks he pulls off. Charlie calls him "The Idea Man".  When he was younger his favorite line was "I do it myself!"  So now whenever one of  us accomplishes a difficult task we can't help but say, "I do it myself!"  

Happy 9th, Dray-Dray!  

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  1. The Happy Meal bag...omg!!!! I like the story of his chicken noodle soup offering too. :)

  2. Love the hat and glasses.

    One cool dude!

    Happy Bday Dracen

  3. Sweet post. Great pic. Your boys must be close? Lots of b-day cake around your place this week!

  4. Hope Dracen has a great birthday. Once agin love the stories / memories you share of your boys.

  5. I totally cried at this. So great! Happy Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh My! Two boys in two days! We know when your fertile week is!

    I love the way you've done this and might steal it in a few months for The Boy's birthday!

    Happy Birthday Dracen!